Nuns, Rapes, Abuse… LET us not lose our FAITH

                       When Shepherds are not Saints 

In these times where many as Elders have to guide the children and their children to GROW, amidst what seems to be a very disturbed WORLD, we see manifestations of evil and sickness of Mind and Body all over the planet inhabited by MAN, WOMAN and children….the Creation that comes from God.
We see how the TRUTH of the BIBLE hits once again – as the WORLD goes through many HYPOCRISIES be it in families …or then the CHURCH which was instituted to GUIDE families back to GOD…. The CATHOLIC CHURCH has MEN as PRIESTS who are called to lead themselves and the COMMUNITY of MAN, WOMAN and children, by being the SHEPHERD themselves…. to be led by JESUS – the GOOD SHEPHERD.
WHAT does the family or the WORLD do when MEN who are created strong and powerful become WEAK…..yes, weak to SUCCUMB to their SENSES and allow themselves to be led astray? The WOMEN have to wake up and SPEAK to break the deafening SINFUL SILENCE behind which lurks many a pain and anguish which is seen and known by our MAKER, but which many a Man thinks is ‘inconsequential’ or relevant to the mainstream of life.  God sent JESUS to teach us to be strong and address the SINS in our midst so that the Sinners can be SAVED. SAVING starts from WORDS as did GOD speak through WORDS.
So if there are so many ABORTIONS and young babies killed, screaming for their lives in SILENCE because they cannot SPEAK​ – we see the TRUTH of GOD and HIS WORDS where HE sees and know the ANGUISH of the ‘SMALL’ amidst us – be they RAPED WOMEN, ABUSED children, OLD WIDOWS or the many SICK who are NEEDY, whom we as the GOOD SAMARITANS are called by JESUS as the CHOSEN ONES, to TAKE CARE and help back to LIFE…to TEACH them to FISH and SAVE their SOULS.
We see that ADAM was WEAK …and he allowed himself to dare DISOBEY GOD and instead choose to be led by his SINFUL wife. Reflect as to the reason that satan chose the Woman Eve first, for satan saw his weakness that the MAN Adam would follow the Woman..! We saw down the centuries another MAN – JOSEPH be OBEDIENT unto GOD – to take on to provide and protect a physically HELPLESS WOMAN, MARY – when SHE would be the scorn and HATE of HER COMMUNITY and families when they would LEARN that SHE was PREGNANT without having been officially MARRIED…! TRUST, FAITH and OBEDIENCE worked a Miracle.
MANY even though of the FAITH, doubted HER Character and over the centuries have DIVIDED the HOLY CHURCH….. doubting the ability of GOD to be a FATHER to a DIVINE SON – because ‘MAN’ in his pride considers himself to be the creator and author of life, be it for himself, or the WOMEN around him or then the many children be it at home or then in the community….So a MAN who considers himself a god, is satan in disguise… Adam or his son CAIN, who took matters into his own hands and killed his own brother Abel. Such MEN abuse women and other men or their children through submission to unrestrained EGO because an egoistic MAN is an ideal tool for satan to exploit and reign in evil.

BUT what the WORLD today needs, are MEN like JOSEPH who can be STRONG when GOD calls, to show his strength and take over the protection of a WOMAN in the true sense of the Word, to help her GROW in equality and HELP build up the KINGDOM of GOD through HIS SON JESUS…as an example to their children in the family and community ! Jesus brought forth great DIGNITY to WOMEN which has helped many Christians build up Great Nations… Alas, then came satan again when Women in power too succumbed to their own EGO to exploit men or then situations to bring in evil to DIVIDE the family or then the Church.

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DEATH and LIFE after…

“…..The Word took a body capable of death so that it… might remain incorruptible because of the Word which had come to dwell in it and, from now on, all might be delivered from corruption by the grace of the Resurrection. Whence, by offering to death the body he himself had taken, as an offering and sacrifice free from stain, the Word straightway obliterated death by delivering from death all those who shared his likeness by the offering of that body like theirs.

      For it is only right that the Word of God, who is above all and who offered his own temple, his body, for the life of all, should satisfy our debt by His death. And thus he, the incorruptible Son of God, being united with all by a like nature, naturally clothed us all with incorruption by the promise of the resurrection. For the actual corruption in death has no power against us any longer by reason of the Word that by has come to dwell among us in his singular body. “ – Saint Athanasius (295-373) Bishop of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church On the Incarnation of the Word, 8-9 (cf SC 190, p. 288f.)

Dear Children – Today make some time to REFLECT as did REFLECT this MAN Saint Athanasius who was severely persecuted by not only pagans but also fellow Christians who were HERETICS. Today this Saint and also those who persecuted him are all DEAD….! But what is DEATH..? See the reflection of this SAINT, as JESUS heals a young girl back to LIFE on this earth….!

Why does HE heal a girl from Death, back to this Life and make her and others a WITNESS of this MIRACLE – Yes, so that she can get up to LIVE and participate in the PLAN of GOD for her to continue LIFE and SERVE on this earth in OBEDIENCE, as an example to all others around her times or then the ones to follow after her, before God calls her to SERVE from beyond. This also served to make many more people know JESUS.

BUT JESUS did not SAVE HIMSELF for this earth beyond the age 33 and neither did HE help keep the APOSTLES on this earth, even as they HEALED many others… We see from this that there is a PLAN afloat….and we are all part of this PLAN, if we CHOOSE to SEEK and OBEY for surely children we see the TRUTH, that GOD did not need us to help CREATE – all that our SENSES see or hear or touch all around even as HE does use us to bring forth the next generation of Workers for His Kingdom on this earth.

What happens to those who are DEAD on this earth but are found WORTHY…? Is it that JESUS did not HEAL them or is it that they are as ….. reflected by the SAINT – “…..The Word took a body capable of death so that it… might remain incorruptible because of the Word which had come to dwell in it and, from now on, all might be delivered from corruption by the grace of the Resurrection……  the Word straightway obliterated death by delivering from death all those who shared his likeness by the offering of that body like theirs…”

Please note all – that this is why we are called to WORK – to be free from Sins with His guidance. How do we do that considering that we, as so from the times of Adam and Eve and beyond – the propensity to Sin is so very easy for MAN and WOMAN considering that satan uses the ‘physical senses’ to lure our Souls to be lost to him forever.. Jesus was sent to save us from these temptations by the Teachings already granted by God through the TEN Commandments – to be UPLIFTED and strengthened by the GIFT of the HOLY Spirit – so that we can daily PRAY to HEAR and ASK for Assistance in the many small and BIG things we need to do to ensure our DAILY LIVES here – even as we all know that we will be called…!

So on one hand we are called to pray, seek, learn and WORK to obey in ACTIONS and on the other hand, it is also that we will have to leave this life and this World… It is not that people all over this World seek or contemplate – even as all get up to work and feed their BODIES when they are hungry…. A LOVING FATHER is indeed generous that HE waits as MANKIND lives to first take it’s breath, then learn to take toddler steps before becoming a full fledged MAN and WOMAN in the physical sense of the WORD… YES, physical SENSE – because mere physical growth does not accomplish this GROWTH which JESUS teaches us to LEARN & ASPIRE for and WORK towards becoming part of this magnificent PLAN of Salvation for our own SOULS as well as in GRATITUDE – help others, as did show our LORD by actions following HIS WORDS for LIFE…! 

We see how whether it is today or in the PAST of the Hebrews or the family of Adam and Eve – the submission to our SENSES is very easy – is it then worth SEEKING why a HEAD is DESIGNED with a BRAIN/MIND is on the very top of our BODY and the HEART in between to – THINK & FEEL before we make decisions, as all the SENSES gather and bring the information to UNDERSTAND with LOGIC, REASON and our FAITH to bring about a BALANCE to our lives where we learn to LIVE on this earth for our Good and the Good of All.  Our lives through our BODY is kept here by God for the evolution of our Souls – before we are called forth as SOULS leaving everything and the BODIES to BE JUDGED for further our lives, to be SAVED or LOST – in ETERNITY..!

Jesus started HIS MISSION to SAVE others, only for a very short span of 3 years while so many Sinners were allowed and lived upto very ripe old ages on the planet. HE was called, but in that TIME that the Lord sent for us, the SEEKING HEART within us, learns to know on going WITHIN, that JESUS CHRIST has taught us HUMANITY, all that there is to KNOW for us all to be found WORTHY, irrespective of our Religions, nationalities, skin color or ancestries…!

So will JESUS JUDGE harshly those who DIE and yet are not called to be HIS CHOSEN Christians..? BUT HE will JUDGE harshly those whom HE has CHOSEN and set aside as HIS Followers to learn from HIM and carry forth these TEACHINGS  to each other and the UNCHOSEN through our ACTIONS.  If we refuse to seek/learn and instead USE HIS name for our own GOOD, it is a DENIAL to HIS MISSION for the GOOD of ALL. How will those who are not yet CHOSEN, learn about Jesus if we the Chosen ones FAIL to be WITNESSES to Him and His Teachings ? Can we then profess to be seen in the Churches and then FAIL to live or Evangelise as teaches JESUS – then it is vital that such HYPOCRITES be exposed lest they gather more and more into their fold – to DEVOUR or SCATTER…! This is not Christianity – but the religion of charade – Hypocrisy.

So we have to make time to know, to look up the lives of the GREAT in our midst be they Apostles and Saints or those who made a DIFFERENCE even though NOT CHOSEN – like Gandhiji or Swami Vivekananda – two names we will hear being mentioned in the Churches all around because they were open to SEEKING the TRUTH of MAN and WOMAN..and so they did SEEK to know JESUS for the Good of All. They were not seen standing SUNDAY after SUNDAY in the CHURCHES …or have studied THEOLOGY to be just SEEN in the SOCIAL circles as Superiors..with a motive to exalt themselves and EXPLOIT others ! They SOUGHT with an open MIND and HEART to KNOW about JESUS and therefore JESUS finds them WORTHY to teach them the DIVINE TRUTH which can and has an IMPACT for the GOOD of many. MANY INDIANS are living in a FREE country because of such humble enlightened thinkers and Movers….even if they do not pretend to be SHAKERS with the so called celebrities of the season to pretend HIGH LIVING…!

What then makes Gandhiji, even though a married ‘Hindu Upper Caste man’ take a vow of celibacy or then ask his wife also to participate in washing to keep the toilets in his Ashram clean and tidy, as an example that all others should DO..!  What made him help fight the prevalent ‘Untouchability’ issues in India ? What made Swami Vivekananda go to Chicago – US and address the congregation as BROTHERS and SISTERS…even as they were not of his Faith or nationality or skin color or the AFFLUENCE that is the US and other WESTERN countries…! But even as SWAMI himself hailed from a RICH family, he gave up this affluence to SEEK the meaning of LIFE and anyone seeking with a OPEN and HUMBLE HEART is led to JESUS…! Gandhiji came back from South Africa to lead an austere life to help teach Indians – the  DIVINE SATYA ( TRUTH ) and gain FREEDOm from foreign powers from exploitation – through SATYAGRAHA, than lift swords or guns to oppose – by showing his other cheek as they came with guns and might !!…These helped uplift those who were considered as ‘untouchables’ by the Hypocrites of other religions even as many of them were of their own country and religion.

But we then become aware of the CAUTION of JESUS – to BEWARE of the HYPOCRITES because we see how many those CHOSEN as Christians to profess and carry the FAITH of JESUS in ACTIONS forward – failed so miserably and instead we do see WOLVES in the guise of SHEEP and they sure have worked under severe temptations – to scatter the SHEEP of families and DIVIDE the CHURCH…. And we see that before we sit and TALK about other countries or regions or communities – we have to be HUMBLE and look into our own families and it’s PAST to see why we have so much of DIVIDE…where brothers/sisters fail to know or be there for one another…!

The CHRISTIANS are in grave Sins. The Spirit of Reconciliation back to JESUS is possible every day, but such are the strength in numbers in WICKEDNESS that Hypocrisy is the only religion today in our midst..! Does JESUS or the Faithful few have to despair….? His few labourers labour and SERVE HIS TRUTH across centuries and TIME since HE left… this day and beyond.

We today see the SPIRIT of HUMANITY rising above Genders, Age, nationality, wealth, poverty etc. to come together to PRAY & WORK to SAVE – some Innocent Boys and their Coach trapped underground in Thailand. While their families who care and love will be there to PRAY in that country and vicinity and help in every which way to SAVE, the rest of the WORLD prays from wherever they are – for we all know that there is a UNIVERSAL POWER that created all. Are we who live in other countries supposed to leave our daily work and go to THAILAND to help SAVE…?? No, Society has made an ORDER where there is a ROLE to play in a DEFINITE ORDER and AUTHORITY to function so that there are no chaos in that FUNCTION at the moment in THAILAND to make sure that there are CLEAR RULES to follow on WHO and HOW the help will get organised, to help for the GOOD of those trapped as well as SAVE the lives of those who are called to venture forth to HELP which also involves great RISK for their own lives and anxiety to their families back home.

So it is fascinating to see the sheer volume of TECHNOLOGY in play which we come to see and know on TV NEWS, even if we are not in that country or area, thanks to the GIFT of the INTERNET and which is a positive show of the many timely applications and usage of what GOD granted, for GOOD – which can be indeed ‘GOOD for ALL.’ So as our hearts rejoice that some have already been saved by GOD for this earth by the untiring efforts of HUMANITY, we continue to pray for the ONES yet trapped inside..! CAN MAN and WOMAN then say that since we are going to DIE anyway, WHY BOTHER..?? And that JESUS will SAVE everyone..!!

There are many who without understanding the CHURCH show these recklessness because of their wanting everything easy and free. We saw recently in India a whole group of a FAMILY of 11, calmly PLAN and EXECUTE their own DEATHS – in the firm belief of some kind which they thought will get them to whatever was their objective based on some FAITH …or the lure by some hypocrites in the name of the FAITH…! Children, we are cautioned by the Bible, that we are not called to KILL ourselves or help kill others by refusing to help them SAVE. The FAITH and HOPE of the RISEN LORD gives us FAITH and HOPE even as some of our loved ones are gone before us that we will all meet again – to live in PEACE forever. WHY would anyone give up on these WORDS of JESUS and despair to either DIE or live in Sins..!  When we falter, we have the strength, wisdom and timely guidance of others around whom JESUS brings – to light up our HEARTS even in the deepest sorrow or sufferings.

While all religions before JESUS CHRIST was MAN MADE…..the RELIGION that is a WAY through this LIFE which has to be LIVED in OBEDIENCE by those CHOSEN – is CHRISTIANITY..from where GOD, the ALMIGHTY speaks for the GOOD of All!  We see that the other Religions are Good for some or some REGIONS or their people for a time or generation – while we see that the WORDS of JESUS are indeed GOOD for ALL – for not only on this earth but beyond, after we are called back for Judgement. We saw how GOD takes HIS time as HE sees the whole PLANET which is but, one part of HIS CREATION in the mighty Universe…and even as there were many others alive at that time, God chose from ADAM and EVE to Abraham, MOSES and other prophets till JESUS Christ, to show HIS LOVE and COMPASSION again and again instead of blindly punishing and BANISHING us forever for our many Sins. In JESUS A.D. – HE shows that the DEAD will RESSURECT if they are found WORTHY of HIs PROMISES….! So SEEK all what are these PROMISES pertaining to our own lives as we live in families as MAN, WOMAN and children of any FAITH..!

SEEK how to be found WORTHY ? If that is a question we SEEK – we have to go to JESUS who shows ALL the WAY forth – even if we are in darkness in our own HEARTS or in a ….CAVE – that there is a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel whether on this planet or then Life AFTER…! We PRAY, we HOPE and we come together to WORK and help SAVE..!

Humanity is at it’s best when as JESUS taught, every knee will know to BEND and SERVE in utter humility of our HEARTS – to then get up and SERVE willingly in LOVE – to HONOR and PRAISE GOD in WORSHIP….through each other, as brothers, sisters & community of neighbours and friends…!

We do see why then JESUS says to FIRST go and TALK to your brother if you have a problem with him – to ‘RESOLVE’ before we go to a CHURCH, TEMPLE or MOSQUE to WORSHIP a GOD whom we cannot see ..! FAMILY comes first…before we serve the neighbour or the community, lest we be found only in the religion of Hypocrisy by none other than JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF..! If every FAMILY takes care of each other as brother/sister, we will find that the Community here and the Communities of the WORLD will thrive and prosper for then we will not let the OLD, the SICK, the marginalized AMONG US remain poor or NEEDY forever… waiting for others to Do our DUTIES as we are either Indifferent or plain SELFISH and FAIL to Do what we ought TO DO, in the Spirit of HUMANITY.

We all ought to learn to SEEK and KNOW how to FISH and help teach others also to FISH and Feed themselves – by this GREATEST TRUTH of JESUS.

‘RENOUNCE’ today all that is not conducive for our GROWTH as FAMILIES, to build up our Communities and thereby a BETTER WORLD through the LOVE and SERVICE taught in great Humility by Our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Swami Vivekananda –

  • The Church tries to fit Christ into it, not the Church into Christ.
    • Renounce and give up. What did Christ say? “He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” Again and again did he preach renunciation as the only way to perfection. There comes a time when the mind awakes from this long and dreary dream—the child gives up its play and wants to go back to its mother.
  • The great secret of true success, of true happiness, then, is this: the man who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish man, is the most successful. It seems to be a paradox: do we not know that every man who is unselfish in life gets cheated, gets hurt? Apparently, yes. “Christ was unselfish, and yet he was crucified.” True, but we know that his unselfishness is the reason, the cause of a great victory— the crowning of millions upon millions of lives with the blessings of true success.
  • The old Hebrew people did not care for any heaven. That is one of the reasons they [opposed] Jesus of Nazareth — because he taught life after death.[Source]
  • The three years of his ministry were like one compressed, concentrated age, which it has taken nineteen hundred years to unfold, and who knows how much longer it will yet take! Little men like you and me are simply the recipients of just a little energy. A few minutes, a few hours, a few years at best, are enough to spend it all, to stretch it out, as it were, to its fullest strength, and then we are gone for ever. 
  • But mark this giant that came; centuries and ages pass, yet the energy that he left upon the world is not yet stretched, nor yet expended to its full. It goes on adding new vigour as the ages roll on..”

Hypocrisy Divides the Shepherds

BEWARE of Wolves donning SHEEP Clothing to scatter the Sheep

– Jesus Christ.

In the wake of so many disturbing News of the people going Wild, it is even more disturbing to see the Shepherds and Religious not being capable of handling or being Courageous to teach and PASS on the TRUTH of the BEST TEACHER – JESUS who has answers to each one of our problems in our daily struggle to live our lives abundantly on this earth. We see that many Churches have Shepherds now being caught and exposed – whereas earlier the tendency was to HIDE these Sins and misguide the people, which only serves to keep them in their Sins. The Holy Pope recently sent a team to KERALA, India to investigate the serious allegations against the CARDINAL by his own priests and laity. TRUTH is brought out by JUSTICE where all are given a chance to SPEAK and share their versions before a JUDGEMENT is made.

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Engineers unemployed

                             Parents have to GROW and help their children GROW

NEPOTISM is rampant in India where we try to waste our time and efforts in pursuing CONNECTIONS or, BUILDING up CONNECTIONS SOCIALLY, to USE people for ‘OUR GOOD’ and which is not necessarily GOOD for others in the community or NATION or the WORLD.

In the context where today we see the huge problems of the Immigrants or then of shortage of work for the talented, we also see that much of these are MAN MADE problems. We do not engage our time WORTHILY in SEEKING and LEARNING from GOD to TRUST in HIM to provide ……and so instead of using our resources of life, money and time to learn ourselves and teach our children to trust in God and work hard – we use these HYPOCRISIES to CULTIVATE and USE people in the INDUSTRY in prominent positions to gain our children – coveted positions.

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Cows, Dogs OR Humans

Do we worship God OR His Creation..?

It is most disturbing to read in the News that in India women now have to resort to wearing Cow masks to bring to the attention to others in the Society that they matter more than Cows..

In the ongoing ignorance which still is prevalent everywhere on the planet where any Man or Woman places anything, above God and Obedience to His Words, He then comes calling in due course, for around the World the stark truth is here for us to know that every Creation comes from Him and many have tried to SUBVERT or DEFY this Truth. So if Jesus was sent to help bring Mankind back  to God….He obeyed and came to teach by getting after Prayers to address the many Sins of Man and …Women…! Continue reading

Jesus leads – 21st June, celebrating the World Yoga Day

Meditation and yoga can ‘reverse’ DNA reactions which cause stress, new study suggests

Join the world on the 21st June in celebrating the World Yoga Day. Here are some lesser known facts about this miraculous discipline that will restore your faith in its power.

Stress causes various illnesses. In the beautiful prayer – Novena of Surrender, please refer to what Jesus tells us on the 3rd Day of Meditation –
” Your worry and your thoughts give you immense stress and that hurts Me. You want, at all costs, to take care of yourself, of your own troubles.
But I can take care of all needs, be it a material or spiritual need, when the Soul turns to Me, it’s troubles are solved by saying: JESUS, YOU TAKE OVER, THEN CLOSE YOUR EYES AND REST IN ME…”

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Love asks for a creative response, concrete – Pope Francis

              What do we do next ?

Love asks for a creative response, concrete. Good intentions are not enough, others are not numbers, but brothers to care – Pope Francis

Teach by example in deeds following the Words of Jesus for our daily lives. We see now our Bishops in the US showing us in ACTIONS that they do not fail to obey Jesus to get up to address the many Sins around instead of just sitting and praying in the Vatican, Cathedrals or Bishop Houses. The Priests and we the laity as Parents and Elders are called to do the same.
The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Parents/Elders in the laity – these are the structure and hierarchy of the Church instituted by Jesus to help guide and build up the next generation of workers of God’s Kingdom as they are granted to us as children, just as we were sent to our Parents. We the chosen Ones as Baptized Christians have to get up to address the Harmful Behaviors all around, but as Jesus states, starting from our own hearts and deeds as we live in families and communities. Can parents sit and talk of the many evils all around while failing to address the evils in their own hearts or families..!

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The US Bishops Conference, June -14 Sexual Abuse

Christians be a WITNESS for accountability, transformation and leadership.

” They know the damage that inaction can cause…” 
” June 14, 2017, as they begin the spring meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in Indianapolis, the bishops of the United States will celebrate a “Mass of Prayer and Penance” for survivors of sexual abuse within the Church.
The laity on the Teachings of the Church can earnestly get up to ACT each day to SEEK and LEARN on how to be Moral upholders in daily ACTIONS of this beautiful Faith taught by Jesus where He teaches us to love and give DIGNITY to each other, be they a Man or a Woman. This can and will make a huge difference to our families.

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Concupiscence – Resist this evil by the WORD.

 Concupiscence – ‘Strong Desire for sensual satisfaction’ is a consequence of original sin…according the church theologian St. Augustine.

What compelled a Woman and Man granted Peace and every happiness by the Creator, go forth then to defy and disobey God? What makes Man and Woman today after so many centuries after Moses and then Jesus’ Teachings to guide us, be lured by the satisfaction of our senses – than use our WILL to subjugate our Nature..?

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I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

8 Modern Errors Every Catholic Should Know and Avoid …. by Msgr.Charles Pope

As a GrandMother and a follower of the Daily Gospel by DGO regularly as I could not go for daily Mass, I am fascinated by the Truth of what Jesus came to affirm ‘ The Ten Commandments of God. ‘  To say that I was born with the Truth would be outrageous and a LIE and to say that I belong to some Superior family would again be a LIE for all Humans come from God irrespective of wherever they were born and has every opportunity since then, to grow. Here we have to emphasise GROWTH as not being complacent or stagnant, but growing each day to know God and His Plan for us.

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