The right to private property – 2 Mercy and Rights for Widows

We do know how the Church categorises the Widows. Here today I share the plight of a Woman, Mercy our Mother, who became a Widow in 2003. She then chose to live on in her flat in Mumbai even as she had two Sons and their families in the US and one married daughter in Dubai. This Woman if encouraged by all should have led a fruitful and joyful old age even though a Widow. She worked hard alongside her husband and raised 4 children ably on the honest income of her husband….

This husband perhaps had a premonition that he was close to being taken away from his earthly family. So the night before he passed away, he went lovingly to his wife, embraced her and expressed his gratefulness and happiness that she was a loving and faithful wife who stood by him in good times and bad and helped raise his 4 children to be upright and capable of standing on their own two feet. Early in the morning at 5am on July 1, 2003 he passed away peacefully. Continue reading