Happy Feast – Our Lady of Fatima

“Charity begins at home, but must not stop there “- Pope Francis

The importance of this wise guidance by Pope Francis and the Truth that Our Lady, Mother of Jesus shared in Fatima 100 years back by appearing to three children cannot be undermined.

it is very important for every Christian to know the Message of this Mother who shares Her agony at seeing the continued Sins of Humanity in spite of the Sacrifice of Her Son and Herself – to share the DIVINE TRUTH meant for All.

How will this Message reach all considering that it was given to  Chosen FEW with the Instructions  to spread and many of us have not –


Why does the Lady speak of Russia and communism in 1917 ? It is important for us then to SEEK to know WHY?


Communism—”The Errors of Russia”  – “…Communism is an atheistic ideology that ultimately denies God’s natural order and natural law, which God inscribed on the hearts of men. Denying God, Communism attaches divinity status to the Party and to the State. As such, Communism transfers all personal responsibility to the Party and totalitarian state. Denying natural law, Communism rejects the basic rights to private property, and monogamous, indissoluble marriage two indispensable pillars of a free society. Dictatorship is not a chance fact in Communism, but the logical and necessary consequence of its ideology. For strategic reasons, Communism may take on different political forms, including apparently democratic ones, and hide behind varied labels. Already in the 1930’s, the Communist Party launched the so-called policy of the extended hand, in which it showed to the outside world a smiling, friendly face while, Stalin’s iron hand imposed a ferocious, despotic dictatorship in Russia…”

Many of us may not understand the concepts of Communism v/s Democracy, the political connotations or its relevance with ‘Religion’ as most of us think of Religion with only pertaining to going for obligatory Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days…or FASTING on appropriate days to ask and obtain – never ‘obedience to CONFORM’ for the larger pattern of the ‘Good of ALL.’ Continue reading