Faith…A Gift of God


Seek, ask,knock

“..Seek and you shall find…..”

What is this Faith that we talk about, but know very little… except when we start Seeking!

Seeking first started from my youth when realization struck after I became a Mother, with a small baby girl in my arms. The enormity of the truth that I was in charge of the daily growth of this little one seemed daunting. My husband had a job which frequently took him away from home.

Knowing my own weaknesses and many failings, it was then I realized it was a Blessing to have one’s Parents’ and family to guide us through the delicate process of raising a child. In this process I also learnt the hard way that I too was this tiny, with no knowledge or Wisdom about anything ….except be SELFISH and cry to have my Needs met…! And many of my timely needs were met by my Parents because they did SEEK and live by this Faith of Jesus. Continue reading