evil, evil …work of d-evil


” When The GOOD do not get up to address the evil, then EVIL flourishes….”

We do see that Jesus did not sit in any one structure of a building to PRAY. His Prayers to the Almighty were always followed by going from place to place to Teach and Guide. He was also addressing the Sins that He saw among the people around, to bring awareness that Sins will not be condoned, but that people have to SEEK, then repent for their wrongdoings and AMEND their ways. This applies to every human born in this World.

So when the people around the World are made aware of these BASIC Teachings, we will see PEACE on this Earth. This duty of bringing the BASIC was given to the ones CHOSEN – Yes, the Baptized! But forcible conversion of anyone is not the Way of Jesus or the religion of Christianity. Did He stop Judas going off even after Jesus made him aware that He knew what Judas was up to?

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