The right to private property – 3 Mercy and Joy in Suffering

My younger sibling died at the age of 54 in 2014. He leaves behind a Widowed Mother and his own widow and 3 children. All should have been flourishing in this land of dreams of his Father, who heard and read about the wonders of this abundantly Blessed country America where there was much honesty and hard work among communities sprawled across this vast continent.

It was inspiring as a young child to be told of this country where his friend resided after joining his wife, who was a Nurse, a much sought after vocation for many young women from Kerala as it gives them opportunity to not only earn but to be able to travel and reside in other countries. So even as my Father left Kerala, it is not that all Men and Women who left Kerala chose to live or abide as teaches the Bible. So we lived in the metro city of Mumbai surrounded by people of many Faith. It was then sad to see Christians differentiating among themselves based on their wealth, skin color or their ancestry. While we learn to grow among these to pursue one’s education and life, the impact of these came out strongly in my married life after we moved to what seemed a Miracle then, as so today…a home right opposite a Catholic Church in Chembur, Mumbai. Knowing it to be a great Blessing, I was consciously keeping myself mindful that this was a Blessing for me to hear and attend Mass without having to wade through chaos of traffic and where inevitably we would be late for Mass……But God has His reasons and Plans as He did for me….and a time for everything. Continue reading