The Gift of the Holy Spirit. Happy Pentecost.

Man abusing his wife and children or a Woman with new-found independence, abusing her husband and children, we can all agree that then this has drastic effects on the development and growth of children into their Adulthood and thereby families all around in a community. To try to understand why a Man would abuse his own family or a Woman do so, we can see that lack of Faith is a major reason. The context of lives as part of a Bigger picture has and can make a positive difference. Christians can make a difference if they SEEK and learn from the Church before they proclaim to others…in Words and Actions following the Faith. This will have an impact on the whole World.

What is this Faith ?? – it is a Belief that is slowly manifested in us by a Divine Almighty who has the Power to not only Create but is also ‘Goodness’ and PERFECT in all it’s definition as we know it. Continue reading