Life, A Divine Understanding

Hope in this FAITH

As I see the struggles of the next generation to raise their family each day I see today that our grandchild is taken for a hair cut and her obvious displeasure about it. But she will someday understand that it is just not a hair-cut, it is a Sacrifice to ensure that she has the health and opportunity to avail of school and knowledge at the proper time. Who doesn’t like to see and play with long hair??
The reality that my children had to get up early and have bath and eat breakfast before making it on time for school, day by day, month by month, year after year when they had to have the crucial education and exposure to things which helped them to grow so as to be able to stand up on their feet and survive a hugely competitive World……came from obedience and submission to God’s Ways….which then He taught from the Podium of OLPS Church through the mouths of many Priests who have the duty of Shepherding the LAITY.
This was the beginning of the Understanding that there is a connection between what I am asking God in the privacy of my heart and home and it being answered through the Priest at the Podium and later as the Computer era started through Good Sources such as “Encouragement, the Daily Gospel, Dr. Charles and so many others who are also interested in life and to lead an abundant life.
Yes, I was seeking an abundant life for I hated disorderliness, dirt, squalor and longed for the kind of land that I read in books where there is an organised way of life. The Life that my parents aspired for their children. God showed me the land of my dreams when I visited  Abu Dhabi first and thereafter many countries including Europe, the US and Australia. I wanted the best for my children and…..grandchild and I prayed and God showed Australia which you chose and which I found to have an excellent grasp on raising families even as the US and Europe seemed to be losing their hard earned ancestry…. and heritage – WHY? Ever the seeker I learnt from the Bible and it showed WHY..!
The generation which comes after everything is laid out for them fails to appreciate the hard work of the forefathers and think they only deserve their Rights..but failed to give their best in terms of their Duties to inherit and preserve it….with the result which we now see, as we look around on the planet
But as Christians we are called to have Hope and Faith…which tells me that I need to get up instead of crying, criticising and moaning about the World and be a part that is called by Christ to set things better so that Sinners can be brought back to God and ensure that all strive to make the World a better place and hand it over to our children and their children. To say I am horrified by rape, child trafficking, ISIS, children being taught to behead…what is happening?? To see my child no more, my brother no more, to see my old Mother and older Mother -in-law now abandoned by their own children…what’s happening??
I turn and look at my family…sons who had gone to the US after the hard work of my parents, have lost their Way because of the carelessness and lack of Christian Understandings of their spouses leading to them neglecting their work, causing the illnesses to my brothers who worked hard as any Man….children not being raised in accordance with the Church…..the consequences??
Today I am fatherless and brotherless and my youngest child back with God….my brother and sister alive do not or are not allowed to communicate….leaving an old Mother in such anguish and almost abandoned…..where does all these come from…this is not what the Lord taught !!! So then whose teachings or lure are these who are all Baptised as FAMILY following and for what?? It is harrowing to know the truth of what the Lord and the Bible cautions….it is the god of small things. The devil luring people away with riches, greed, selfishness, pride, arrogance and it’s consequences. Instead of obeying to SUBMIT and CONFORM to build up the Body of Christ here on Earth in order to accomplish God’s plans for humanity – to avail and lead an abundant life with all the Blessings He has endowed and then Gifted life for us even without our asking…..what have we done?? Would the world be in such a hellish state as opposed to the heavenly kingdom it could have been??
It is so because most of the Chosen Ones, the Baptised Christians are not getting up to emulate what their Leader Jesus did – to denounce evil and stop the hypocrisy of people, be involved to spread the Gospel which is the Good News whereby all can live and lead a life of Peace. Surely we can do our bit for the sake of our children and grandchildren…the Pope’s talk in South America is nothing short of a Holy Spirit filled Divine Guidance for humanity meant for each one of us, for families to learn how to be a Holy Family and for us to learn as how to use the Resources given on Earth…for in a nut shell what has divided the Pereira family today is just the greed for resources which are already there but the need for more through greed, connivance, selfishness….all at the cost of us and most painful for our old Mother.
How can I see and complain about the problems of the World without looking WITHIN into my past and our family and it’s Ancestry – as is the ORDER given by JESUS.
…. Yes, life is all about carrying our Cross and even though at times it seems unbearably heavy, it cannot be worse than what Mother Mary and Her Son persevered and underwent for the whole of humanity. Simply look up at Him and ask for the strength and He is there day by day and you and I will know the difference……
As for the GOOD who were called by JESUS, we know from JESUS that they are in His Eternal Kingdom to know PEACE and will now participate to pray for us to HELP bring PEACE to this earth by getting up each day to lift and carry our Cross forth and persevere on the Narrow Path till He calls us back to be JUDGED and be found WORTHY of His Promises… This is HOPE taught by our FAITH
God’s Blessings on all of us for an abundant life on Earth.