The Creation

Religion itself holds the answer – Pope Francis


This is a humble effort by a housewife,  and mother of two who realised the above reflected sentence of our Pope Francis as he shares his immense wisdom for one and all.

Blessed to be born of parents who showed Christianity in actions in their daily lives, living amidst people of other faiths, they taught us to love and respect one another. To celebrate together by sharing and caring. I, as their firstborn, am a witness and I have decided to share this testimony in honor of  them.

My father was a God-fearing man in words and actions. My widowed mother now ails because of the lack of actions within her own family of 4 children. We were raised by the hard, honest work of our parents to the point where we are able to take care of our own families.

Inspite of having such a vast family, who are blessed with opportunities to a better life because of the hard work of this woman who raised us, today she is subjected to this inhumane indignity of neglect and abandonment! She has, since the loss of her husband, also been exposed to the horrific truth of the death of her elder son 2 years ago in Seattle. She was not taken for his funeral, nor were his remains brought to where his father lies as was stated to her, by her other son along with the Widow of the deceased brother.

The result is that we as a family have yet to come together to pray as one, for our deceased brother. Or be there as a family to now assist and guide his widow and 3 children. We as a family could not come together when our younger child was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. A teetotaller and an obedient child to her parents and God who excelled with hard work and honesty to reach the US – invited by her Seniors in the industry who taught her online to get her Masters in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University Chicago, to be granted a job without a face to face interview provided she got through her H1B visa – which they sponsored through her application submitted as a Premium category, she excelled for this talent of UX Designer came to her naturally as a gift from God. She went to work happily and was a credit to her organisation where she barely worked for 3 years before the sudden onset of Cancer. Her doctors were baffled as this type of Cancer was rare for someone her age or her habits where she was very particular about her food habits, hygiene and of her own choice abstain from any liquor or other vices.

Why JESUS, I asked humbly from the depths of despair and anguish of a Mother derived off her young child before her, struggling to get up with my CROSS often and HE promised COMFORT as HE shows through HIS own Mother’s life and HIS SACRIFICE at the hands of SINNERS, that even as many are DEPRIVED off their lives early, they are now in a life with JESUS for Eternity…! Why should I then not be happy for my child who no longer have to work or live here to support her body… when the purpose of her life has been achieved to be the BEST that she could be each day …. and now is with the BEST of HUMANITY in HEAVEN.

WHY…? reflected many of her friends, colleagues who knew her as someone who was genuinely good of heart and a helping hand to share her talents…! Slowly and surely God shows through HIS SON JESUS and the life of the perfect HOLY FAMILY, which gives this her family the strength and wisdom that we are in good hands and that our child is with Him – already reached the BEST place as is the will of the Heavenly Father who took her, for her prayers are now needed to bring reparation for the many Souls to be saved.

And so deep reflections and seeking from the Church along the way has provided me some insights and the conclusion that I came to was the same as above – Religion holds the answer! The faith of my father – a Baptised Catholic Christian from India saved my family and me from the pits of despair and falling down and away from our Cross. We managed to get up again with only this Lord leading us on in the face of persecutions where many of our own left us alone to mourn.

So it should have been this religion, also that should have led all of the family to follow its teachings given that we are all Baptised Christians come together to be joined as family by the call of the Lord. But the dark reality is just as our Pope reflects – “…people of any religion that does not teach to come to together, as an obligation to unmask and denounce hypocrisy in the name of any religion, will deny the opportunity to accompany with the children of this world  – helping them on the path to maturity and teaching them to respond to the incendiary logic of evil by patiently working for the growth of goodness…”

While this abuse of widows is rampant, we have tried for years to help bring forgiveness and reconciliation as teaches our Church, but how is that possible when the rest of the family spread across the globe do not come forward to even communicate? Can we then pretend that it does not matter and allow this widow go to her grave, without every bit of timely help being given to help her live her last few years in dignity?

It matters, for what do we parents then teach our children?  Can we also be influenced by prevalent cultures to ignore realities and pretend that we cannot do anything and remain selfish or indifferent. The truth is that time does not wait for anyone, so if today we are also grandparents, our eldest child is a mother of two. What do we teach these young grandchildren as they are exposed online to the crying of this great-grandmother Mercy, who at times cannot even remember them. Nor are they even acknowledged as children of the family since they were born, by many of their elders, which includes some who hold posts as counselors/preachers to other families in the church to help teach, reconcile and unite.

So pray for us as we seek to understand this divide in order to be able to help bring this unity of Mother Mercy’s children, who are all married to self professed superiors !! Now how can that be, when we are taught that all are children of God in this Creation where we do today know – that none of our ancestors have created the Earth, the Sun, the Sky or the Universe …so then WHO DID? A Divine MAKER to whom all His children matter….as He created them, Man and Woman in His own image.

And then this Maker guides us all through the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the story of this Holy Family again and again to lift us up as a family – Indeed it is GOOD.