Nuns, Rapes, Abuse… LET us not lose our FAITH

                       When Shepherds are not Saints 

In these times where many as Elders have to guide the children and their children to GROW, amidst what seems to be a very disturbed WORLD, we see manifestations of evil and sickness of Mind and Body all over the planet inhabited by MAN, WOMAN and children….the Creation that comes from God.
We see how the TRUTH of the BIBLE hits once again – as the WORLD goes through many HYPOCRISIES be it in families …or then the CHURCH which was instituted to GUIDE families back to GOD…. The CATHOLIC CHURCH has MEN as PRIESTS who are called to lead themselves and the COMMUNITY of MAN, WOMAN and children, by being the SHEPHERD themselves…. to be led by JESUS – the GOOD SHEPHERD.
WHAT does the family or the WORLD do when MEN who are created strong and powerful become WEAK…..yes, weak to SUCCUMB to their SENSES and allow themselves to be led astray? The WOMEN have to wake up and SPEAK to break the deafening SINFUL SILENCE behind which lurks many a pain and anguish which is seen and known by our MAKER, but which many a Man thinks is ‘inconsequential’ or relevant to the mainstream of life.  God sent JESUS to teach us to be strong and address the SINS in our midst so that the Sinners can be SAVED. SAVING starts from WORDS as did GOD speak through WORDS.
So if there are so many ABORTIONS and young babies killed, screaming for their lives in SILENCE because they cannot SPEAK​ – we see the TRUTH of GOD and HIS WORDS where HE sees and know the ANGUISH of the ‘SMALL’ amidst us – be they RAPED WOMEN, ABUSED children, OLD WIDOWS or the many SICK who are NEEDY, whom we as the GOOD SAMARITANS are called by JESUS as the CHOSEN ONES, to TAKE CARE and help back to LIFE…to TEACH them to FISH and SAVE their SOULS.
We see that ADAM was WEAK …and he allowed himself to dare DISOBEY GOD and instead choose to be led by his SINFUL wife. Reflect as to the reason that satan chose the Woman Eve first, for satan saw his weakness that the MAN Adam would follow the Woman..! We saw down the centuries another MAN – JOSEPH be OBEDIENT unto GOD – to take on to provide and protect a physically HELPLESS WOMAN, MARY – when SHE would be the scorn and HATE of HER COMMUNITY and families when they would LEARN that SHE was PREGNANT without having been officially MARRIED…! TRUST, FAITH and OBEDIENCE worked a Miracle.
MANY even though of the FAITH, doubted HER Character and over the centuries have DIVIDED the HOLY CHURCH….. doubting the ability of GOD to be a FATHER to a DIVINE SON – because ‘MAN’ in his pride considers himself to be the creator and author of life, be it for himself, or the WOMEN around him or then the many children be it at home or then in the community….So a MAN who considers himself a god, is satan in disguise… Adam or his son CAIN, who took matters into his own hands and killed his own brother Abel. Such MEN abuse women and other men or their children through submission to unrestrained EGO because an egoistic MAN is an ideal tool for satan to exploit and reign in evil.

BUT what the WORLD today needs, are MEN like JOSEPH who can be STRONG when GOD calls, to show his strength and take over the protection of a WOMAN in the true sense of the Word, to help her GROW in equality and HELP build up the KINGDOM of GOD through HIS SON JESUS…as an example to their children in the family and community ! Jesus brought forth great DIGNITY to WOMEN which has helped many Christians build up Great Nations… Alas, then came satan again when Women in power too succumbed to their own EGO to exploit men or then situations to bring in evil to DIVIDE the family or then the Church.

The World is build up of Communities who are entrusted the task of building up GREAT and BETTER NATIONS on this planet. How can any NATION be GREAT or BETTER when it’s MEN are so weak as to not be able to CONTROL their senses around WOMEN or then children – even in a Holy Church or a family..or then in the WHITE HOUSE !
DID JOSEPH have to be the NATURAL FATHER to show his MANHOOD…?? BUT HISTORY and the MYSTERY of the CHURCH and the HOLY ROSARY shows the enormous contribution and the BEST EXAMPLE that this MAN Joseph lived and showed for HUMANITY in the PLAN of GOD that today he is a SAINT who answers Prayers as does his WIFE MOTHER MARY …..and the SON of GOD – JESUS. These SAINTS still pray and lead us all back to GOD, the CREATOR of ALL.
A MAN can learn to protect his child as well as the other children that passes him by during the course of our daily lives where we have to LIVE as family, as well as work together with other men, women and their families as Community, for the GOOD of ALL.
When MEN know to reign in their PRIDE and let JESUS take over, to help them GO WITHIN – to know, address, control and STOP their evil darkness of HEART which DESIRES and allows the BODY to GRATIFY these DESIRES – then we know that RAPE, ABUSE, ABORTION etc…. will STOP.
CAN a grown up MAN, be it a Father or a PRIEST or a SINGLE MAN be RAPED ‘against his will’ by a WOMAN or children…..?? A MAN can be lured by WOMEN only if he fails to learn to control his own body. Here the need is of the WILL and the power of Choice to withstand by the strength that offers JESUS, to resist TEMPTATIONs.
So if MEN STOP their weakness by FIRST going WITHIN their hearts and LEARN by repenting and SEEKING from their FIRST TEACHERS – the parents and their CHURCH led by PRIESTS from sound Christian parents and FAMILIES, as a Community – we can be sure that even after all these EVIL has spread rampantly that we see from the past century after the advent of Movies, Television and the Internet we can hope to have a GOLDEN PERIOD of HUMANITY where every MAN and WOMAN can help be and raise themselves and support others – to follow the example of the HOLY FAMILY – MAN, WOMAN and a child JESUS.
We see from the authors of the BLOG LINK below that this is possible when we raise our SONS to BE a MAN. BE a Saint. We can raise our daughters to BE a WOMAN. BE a Saint.
….Obviously following their examples we should inevitably have the next generation of children of boys and girls to be all SAINTS on this earth,  to have our HEAVENLY FATHER tell us all, as HE told about JESUS – “…THIS is a SON in whom I am well pleased ….” Satan has to flee when we all WILL and CHOOSE to gather, unto JESUS.
WOMEN as daughters, wives, mothers or grandmothers can also be PLEASING TO GOD as was and is MOTHER MARY – the MOTHER of JESUS, a MAN.
​In the ongoing evil we see today in India where some NUNS are fighting a BISHOP, we see the confusion among the ​PRESS, the LAITY and the NON BELIEVERS. What is so difficult if we OBEY as JESUS taught – TALK and RESOLVE…? IF when a NUN first raises a complaint against a MAN, it is the duty of the CHURCH administration to LOOK into it by hearing both SIDES and determining the RIGHTEOUS v/s the SINNERS…
DOES it matter that a SINNER is a MAN or a WOMAN…? JESUS came specifically to SAVE the SINNERS, so if a SINNER is allowed by some IGNORANT in the CHURCH or the LAITY to go scot free, it is just an example then for more SINFUL MEN or WOMEN to follow suit….to RAPE and victimize the victim, to BULLY her or him into SILENCE.
If the ELDERS in the CHURCH in responsible positions in the hierarchy of the CHURCH had taken steps to HEAR, even if it is just a ‘small’ voice of one NUN or a WOMAN crying RAPE….the matter would have been RESOLVED and JUSTICE served, but today it has reached the COURTS only because sadly and horrifically we see many adult Christian MEN and WOMEN talk – that this is ‘small’ thing and should have just been kept QUIET by remaining SILENT about the whole matter… A RAPE is not a small matter or pleasure to the body and heart on which it was perpetrated. It violates everything that is SACRED about life, for GOD grants each of us our lives and HE knows and sees the anguish. An anguish is pain only till it is not RESOLVED. In time, Repentance and Forgiveness heals all pain and Sins on this life or then beyond.
CHILDREN, even if one’s adults teach these in our own families that we should keep QUIET when we see INJUSTICES in our midst, even as we all profess to pray in the CHURCH that it is ‘RIGHT and JUST’ we must also come out of the Church, to live as what GOD sees as ‘RIGHT and JUST’ in the small things, be it in our families or then communities …. or in a Bishop House or White House, for GOD sees ALL.


  • “..As Pope Francis has worked so hard to remind us, we live in an incredibly broken and hurting world. There are plenty of opportunities for us to courageously confront the broken, and in many ways, evil, world that we live in. With compassion and mercy, we Catholic men need to be on the front lines, healing the wounded people we encounter with love, and fighting the evils that would destroy them.
  • To end abortion, we need modern day heroes who are willing to sacrifice their comfort and ease in order to stand up for the little ones. Whether it means sidewalk counseling, peacefully praying outside a clinic, or financially supporting a pro-life organization, we should all be doing something to end abortion. The only thing we shouldn’t do is be indifferent.
  • I will simply say that the best way to fight pornography is to not view it. Ever. There are few things that will destroy your soul faster. Do not give the devil the pleasure of seeing your soul dragged down to hell—flee pornography like the disgusting reality that it is.
  • Also, protect your children. Never assume they are ignorant of pornography. Guard them jealously and monitor their time on the internet. Increasingly, children as young as 10 years old are becoming addicted to pornography. If you are leaving your child alone with a computer, you are leaving them with a loaded gun that can easily kill them spiritually.


  • I feel passionately about this because I firmly believe that the indifference among Catholics is a cancer that is sending millions of souls to hell. We are presuming upon the mercy of God, and forgetting that he is not only merciful, he is just. We are letting people believe destructive lies because we harbor the wishful thinking that God is merciful enough to save them even though they reject his Body and Bride, the Holy Catholic Church.
  • But should we presume that those who are cut off from the sacraments and the body of Christ, his Church, are perfectly OK and have no need of conversion? Absolutely not. Christ did not leave his Church as one nice option among many. He left as the only way to salvation….”

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