Hypocrisy Divides the Shepherds

BEWARE of Wolves donning SHEEP Clothing to scatter the Sheep

– Jesus Christ.

In the wake of so many disturbing News of the people going Wild, it is even more disturbing to see the Shepherds and Religious not being capable of handling or being Courageous to teach and PASS on the TRUTH of the BEST TEACHER – JESUS who has answers to each one of our problems in our daily struggle to live our lives abundantly on this earth. We see that many Churches have Shepherds now being caught and exposed – whereas earlier the tendency was to HIDE these Sins and misguide the people, which only serves to keep them in their Sins. The Holy Pope recently sent a team to KERALA, India to investigate the serious allegations against the CARDINAL by his own priests and laity. TRUTH is brought out by JUSTICE where all are given a chance to SPEAK and share their versions before a JUDGEMENT is made.

Now with the might of the Internet granted by GOD, many Shepherds’ weaknesses and failings are being exposed such as we saw recently in Kerala where a Cardinal has been asked to step away from Administration of the FUNDS collected from the DIOCESE. THESE funds are earned by the hard work of the members of families under each DIOCESE shared as TITHE and as such they are meant for the GOOD of all the Community, especially the POOR – which we can know and learn to follow only if the SHEPHERDS, RELIGIOUS and LAITY obey JESUS …. THE SHEPHERDS are therefore the first ones called to KNOW and LEARN from JESUS before they PREACH or share as WITNESS in the COMMUNITY, the strength of their FAITH by living out the TEN COMMANDMENTS in their daily lives.  Lack of these makes them HYPOCRITES and we see why JESUS cautioned us to BEWARE of such a religion in our midst. 
The SHEPHERDS are then called to teach the LAITY SUNDAY after SUNDAY – to make a difference in the lives of the MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN who come in for MASS so that they can be made to understand in the local language – the many parables of JESUS which is meant for us the CHOSEN ONES to SEEK and then understand through the effort of our SHEPHERDS and RELIGIOUS..
….The local LANGUAGE and customs are to be made use to TEACH the HIGHER TRUTH of JESUS – but that does not mean that then the MESSENGER or the LANGUAGE and customs become more IMPORTANT Than the TRUTH of JESUS. So be it the US, AUSTRALIA….or the GULF or KERALA…..it is the TRUTH of JESUS that has to be the only LIGHT, irrespective of the language or the people CHOSEN to convey the TRUTH..We see how these DANGERS and EVILS have entered the CHURCH to DIVIDE through the lures of satan…. And the story of Adam and EVE becomes even more relevant today..!
So we now see a growing AWARENESS in the US where they do know that some of their PRIESTS lack and so new momentum is on to teach the PRIESTS beyond the obvious THEOLOGY degrees – to learn to know how to get through into the HEARTS of the people in his community to help them through their problems – but only with guidance from the TRUTH of JESUS. This often requires that a SHEPHERD be ready to be COURAGEOUS and tell the people their SINS so that they can be helped back to the NARROW PATH of JESUS in reconciliation, to help BUILD up the CHURCH and it’s COMMUNITY to live in PEACE and have an abundant LIFE.
As we know from the earliest CHURCH records of the PRIESTS in the US, it is not easy for a PARISH PRIEST to face or counter an errant Sinful RICH DONOR or voices from the PARISH for that will mean he may not get RICH Contributions or be able to DO what is GOOD for the COMMUNITY – especially the GOOD of the POOR. The Church properties often get misused by vested interests unless we have a very vigilant and strong Shepherd who also knows to USE the WHIP of the tongue when the people make the Church – a market place…! JESUS whipped such hypocrites publicly..!
What AMERICA does, many copy around the WORLD…but that was only the lures of Hollywood or TELEVISION promoting a CULTURE of GYM BODIES, technologies or the pursuit of GLUTTONY and those, in the process of PROMOTING such brainless BODIES or then, …. PURSUING them to indulge in the SINS of COVET..!
America, as GRATITUDE to GOD now needs to show the WORLD of how then PURSUING JESUS to know HIM will make effective CONVERSION of HEARTS and MINDS which will carry forth the BODIES to SERVE and help build up GREATER NATIONS across the planet – which will be GOOD for ALL. Yes, they may not have many following these patterns in the beginning – but it is always a FEW GOOD MEN who make all the DIFFERENCE as JESUS and HIS 12 MEN and some WOMEN, and others down the centuries made to the WORLD..!
It is very important that the Shepherds be first taught the NATURAL ORDER of the MAKER – to also learn to DISCERN the MYSTERIES of the ROSARY and be able to effectively SHARE with the PEOPLE as they come in for HOLY MASS or for the NOVENA or the ROSARY by making it possible to SHARE through BIBLE classes where one can TALK and SHARE with each other so that joyfully and truthfully we HELP each other as a COMMUNITY to GROW through our JOYS and SORROWS as leads OUR LEADER JESUS CHRIST….To TALK and RESOLVE matters in every family.
PRAY dear people for our POPE FRANCIS, HIS many SHEPHERDS some of whom want to STAND UP against these TRUTH that he shares as guides the HOLY SPIRIT – for the GOOD of ALL his FLOCK on the earth today… Please also pass and share these WISDOM that we see capable SHEPHERDS undertake as below in different parts of the WORLD to make sure that the flocks under them can be helped to LIVE – inspite of the Sufferings to PERSEVERE and GROW as showed our LORD, through HIS extreme SACRIFICE where HE was humiliated high up on the CROSS – to mock HIM and crush HIS Spirit of OBEDIENCE – to GOD..!
He persevered to FORGIVE and DIED and before that HE told HIS followers – FOLLOW ME……and let the dead bury their dead.” Often, we see that we pay more attention to the DEAD than remembering that LIFE is what God grants all to LIVE joyfully – after one is dead they are taken care of by GOD again. We on earth are called to be more concerned of the LIVING around us as OLD WIDOWS or those who are SICK …or those who are POOR even as we all have to WORK and OBTAIN that which is GOOD for our lives. The RICH are sure to be surrounded by many to exalt in the name of ‘business’ or obtain the many material and emotional supports needed to prop us a fragile EGO.
As parents we are called to take care of our children whom God grants into our midst, to know their sorrows, sufferings, weaknesses and also know their TALENTS and strengths to help them forth to PURSUE these,  but by first learning some SOCIAL and COGNITIVE skills to manage lives when things are GOOD as well as persevere to CARRY the CROSS when LIFE is TOUGH….!
The BIBLICAL THEOLOGY of the HOLY BIBLE has to be followed through the CATHOLIC CHURCH for the GOOD of ALL – not some misguided misinterpretations of it by so many sects we see now around the WORLD in the name of the CHURCH. THESE caused great DIVIDE through the Religion of Hypocrisy …..but which now the HOLY FATHER is resisting and PRAYING actively to pursue UNITY, by enlightening the Shepherds and thereby their LAITY.
Grandmothers and Mothers indeed can assist this process of EVANGELISATION by SACRIFICING some of our time to PRAY and HELP the SHEPHERDS – for the GOOD of our families to BUILD up the CHURCH of JESUS, which will be for the GOOD of HUMANITY to bring PEACE.
It all starts and ends with OUR OWN CONVERSION day by day…till we are DEAD to this WORLD. Thereafter starts another Life…. after due JUDGEMENT by our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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