Engineers unemployed

                             Parents have to GROW and help their children GROW

NEPOTISM is rampant in India where we try to waste our time and efforts in pursuing CONNECTIONS or, BUILDING up CONNECTIONS SOCIALLY, to USE people for ‘OUR GOOD’ and which is not necessarily GOOD for others in the community or NATION or the WORLD.

In the context where today we see the huge problems of the Immigrants or then of shortage of work for the talented, we also see that much of these are MAN MADE problems. We do not engage our time WORTHILY in SEEKING and LEARNING from GOD to TRUST in HIM to provide ……and so instead of using our resources of life, money and time to learn ourselves and teach our children to trust in God and work hard – we use these HYPOCRISIES to CULTIVATE and USE people in the INDUSTRY in prominent positions to gain our children – coveted positions.

And equally on the other hand, we teach our children the HYPOCRISY where then by example the Parents and ELDERS teach our younger generations to look down on people who have humble means or are NEEDY to CUT them away even if they are family or neighbours, but we go out of our way to be NICE and SOCIAL with those who can meet our needs …or greed.
When we use ‘connections ‘and we prop our children into jobs for which they are not suited or qualified, they DEPRIVE others who are qualified and suited for the same. We see the many SUICIDES of students and engineers pushed and propped up by parents against their talents or WILL. God watches… There are inevitable consequences which shows HUMANITY that GOD is always in CONTROL of HIS CREATION even as HIS CREATION ‘HUMANITY’ many a times and often, fail HIM.
And so today we have a situation where the population is exploding and the RESOURCES such as LAND, WATER, AIR etc. is being recklessly MISUSED by many to become WEALTHY and then use their wealth to create and maintain DIVIDES in the name of caste, religion, skin color, boundaries on the borders to keep out – those whom they think are not good for the NATIONS….
Why do all the migrants want to go to the US …or then AUSTRALIA …..or the  European countries…? Yes, these countries worked hard as taught the CHURCH to SUBJUGATE and that makes all the DIFFERENCE even as the CHURCH is beset by many Hypocrites….. IT IS the GOOD who have made all the DIFFERENCE and we see WHAT a DIFFERENCE that today many irrespective of their FAITH or NATIONALITIES want to migrate and settle in these countries….
Do we see any clamour for settling in other countries especially as today SCIENCE does teach through GEOGRAPHY and HISTORY of MANKIND, that there are many other LAND created by GOD…?
But we all like ‘ready made’ things for that is the easy PATH and so instead of making their own lands better, they all want to go and be in a developed country – without proper qualifications or effort to do well or OBEY to live under the LAWS of the developed lands.
So there is massive CONFUSION and CHAOS everywhere resulting in many FAMILIES being torn apart and be it our families or then the WORLD – HYPOCRISY DIVIDES the WORLD because the lure of satan is very easy as opposed to the very, very NARROW NARROW PATH of JESUS which brings GOOD for our Earth, our journey or this earth or ETERNAL LIFE to come..
Jesus came for the SINNERS and HE helped the SINNERS and spoke them to them on how ‘OBEDIENCE to CONFORM to GOD’ could make a DIFFERENCE, instead of CHOOSING to go with the FLOW of the majority who are misguided and remain ignorant or – choose ARROGANCE as did the Pharisees or the High Priests.
Please pass and share the ARTICLE below, written by a HR personality in the best interests of the YOUTH today and to come..!
PARENTS have to GROW before they can help in teaching their children TO GROW.
Teach our SONS and DAUGHTERS to LEARN and EARN, to GROW to be independent, and help the family and economy to BUILD BETTER NATIONS on the planet – for the GOOD of ALL.

“….Just because I am holding a senior position in HR with L&T , I have been getting many requests from my friends,  acquaintances, to help their sons or daughters, who have freshly passed out from engineering college, to get a job in L&T. The number of requests are huge. So many fresh  engineers are unemployed, I could hardly helped only few of them deserving to get job in L&T or in some other companies where I have contacts. 
I feel bad to say NO to many of the requests or for those whom I can’t help.They get disappointed. I can understand. Parents invest their life time earned money just to see their sons or daughters getting degree in engineering. 
They think that jobs are easily available for engineers. After interviewing many of them , I can’t even tell them  that your son or daughter do not even have minimum required technical knowledge. Getting first class or distinction has become so easy without having fundamental knowledge of engineering. It’s high time for parents to stop running behind engineering degrees. 
USA produces around 1 lakh Engineers per year for a $ 16 Trillion Economy. 
India produces 15 lakhs Engineers for a $ 2 Trillion Economy. 
The earlier mass recruiting sector was Manufacturing. It used to recruit from the core branches like Electrical Mechanical, Civil etc. But, Manufacturing is relatively stagnant at 17% of the GDP. So the core branch placements have become very difficult. 
The more recent mass recruiter was the IT sector. It grew from scratch to almost 5% of the GDP in a short time. IT Employed millions of engineers. 
Now, IT is also saturating. Only good, skilled IT Engineers are in demand. 
If you look at the sectoral composition of Indian economy, most of the sectors do not need engineers. Tourism is 10% of the GDP, does not require engineers. Financial sector, Trade, Hotels and Restaurants do not require engineers. Requirement of engineers in Health, education, Agriculture is also negligible. 
More than 50% of the GDP has no role for Engineers. Still most of Indian youth are becoming Engineers. The situation is not sustainable . 
Demand is low while supply is high. Over and above this, skill level of an average engineer is poor, almost its non-existent in many cases. If we leave aside the top 100–200 colleges, most fresh engineers have no idea of what they studied. Ask a fresh mechanical engineer, can s/he design a simple frame? 
Today the situation is that most engineers are working in a field that has no connection to what they have studied in the college. This is a waste of resources. 
Engineering degree does not come cheap. It costs about 10-15 lakhs. For poor parents, its a huge burden. When their son / daughter is not able to secure a job, they are devastated. 
For the nation, you can calculate the loss. Leave around 1 lakh engineers that NASSCOM says are employable. The rest 14 lakhs have each wasted 10 lakhs of fees. That totals to around $ 20 Billion. Almost equal to the Government’s spending on healthcare. Over this, there is loss of human capital. 
India need to replan the whole engineering education system. Government need to  cut down on the number of colleges and improve the quality in the rest. 
Also students should explore other career options than everyone TRYING to become an Engineer. 
When it comes to education, a multitude of options are available today! From Aviation, to Hotel Management, Short Term Programs to big movie production courses , Data science, cyber security, Information Security, Cloud Technology Designing, Indian Armed Forces, Animation and VFX, Digital Marketing, Film Making, Technology Courses like SQL, PHP, Big Data, C, C++, etc. and much more! 
For a majority of courses like these, there are entrance exams too, such as the NATA, CEED, NID entrance, NIFT entrance, NDA entrance, MBA Entrance, Hotel Management entrance, CET, NEET and many more! Here, the right training goes a long way in getting your child admission to their dream institute! Do you know what are the top career Tracks of 2018 other than  engineering ?? See the following list.
1. Animation, VFX and Multimedia
2. Fashion Design, Event Management and Interior decoration.
3. Aeronautical and Aviation
4.  Film making, Script Writing and Acting.
5. Engineering computer, IT, cloud and data science.
6. Networking, information security.
7. Beauty, Modelling and Cosmetology
8. Fitness, dietitian and nutritionist
9. Foreign languages.
10. Music and Dance.
So unless one is truly passionate or interested, there is no point going for engineering admission. Parents too should not push their children just because admission is available. They will just become Engineering Graduate ( Not Engineer ) and will be thrown in the world of unemployment leading to frustration and depression…”  
Shared by a HR person from L&T, India.

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