Jesus leads – 21st June, celebrating the World Yoga Day

Meditation and yoga can ‘reverse’ DNA reactions which cause stress, new study suggests

Join the world on the 21st June in celebrating the World Yoga Day. Here are some lesser known facts about this miraculous discipline that will restore your faith in its power.

Stress causes various illnesses. In the beautiful prayer – Novena of Surrender, please refer to what Jesus tells us on the 3rd Day of Meditation –
” Your worry and your thoughts give you immense stress and that hurts Me. You want, at all costs, to take care of yourself, of your own troubles.
But I can take care of all needs, be it a material or spiritual need, when the Soul turns to Me, it’s troubles are solved by saying: JESUS, YOU TAKE OVER, THEN CLOSE YOUR EYES AND REST IN ME…”

These Words of Jesus comes to us after we say the Prayer – ‘An act of Contrition’. This clearly shows that we first ask our Heavenly Father to ‘forgive us’ for walking in ways that are not aligned with what Teaches His Son ‘Who’ He sent for us to be guided. Now whether these will just remain mere Words or then we get up to Amend our Ways is seen by Jesus and our Heavenly Father……if not others.
Everyone who is granted Life, has to eat what is offered here on Earth to survive. We have to breathe every moment to take in from the AIR/ATMOSPHERE that no Man can say that he has made or provided. We have to then have water to live – again which no Man can claim has provided the clouds, or the wind or the mountains to bring them to us…And food is granted through the abundant Resources in all it’s variety and glory…! Man then has to get up daily to breathe, work, learn, earn and it is beautiful when aligned with Jesus.
God after providing all these for our Good to enjoy LIFE and live in gratitude, does not like disobedience to be selfish, indifferent or covet. He has then given us guidance in the form of the ‘Ten Commandments’ so that we all know what we can do as our ‘Rights’ and what we also have to do as our ‘Duties.’ This Duty then is also to know to learn and respect that others also have Rights along with Duties.
The many problems for thousands of years on this planet stems then from, when people do not get up to obey to work or they want more than what God keeps for them. This causes stress and problems all around and PEACE is lost.
We see how Jesus teaches us through His Apostles who started the work of bringing His Words for us each, through Baptism. If everyone lives by the Baptismal Vows to proceed as a follower of Christ, then there is Peace in that family. However, even if ‘one’ disobeys and chooses to walk his own way to achieve what he thinks is owed to him …then PEACE is lost among the others as well. This causes STRESS and it leads to many issues and it has direct impact on our health.
To restore Peace then some who obey Jesus have to get up like Jesus did, to bring awareness to others. It is called Discipleship in spreading His Gospel everywhere.
Lack of this has direct impact on children, who often get DIVIDED in this chaos exhibited by their Elders all around. However, we adults can see that when everyone is ready to get up and obey the Church of Jesus, there is much PEACE to be experienced all around in the families and thereby the communities and the World. There is GROWTH possible for everyone as per the talents granted by God.
So if yoga, a way of breathing and exercising our bodies was slowly learned and developed by ancient people living in India, it is because God gave them that talent as His children. God didn’t make Man – Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs or any other Gentiles. He creates Humanity and sent Jesus to teach us all how to be Humans… love and serve for the Common Good. 
And it is Divine when all good that God grants is made available for others in the spirit of love to Share and CARE. However, we know then that if we want to learn, we have to get up and similarly be ready to be taught, to then get down and do it – to obtain its benefits. We then share its goodness with others so that all can learn and benefit……for the common good.
The same is the TRUTH of Jesus’ Way for one and all to live and share His Teachings for each one of us, to be able to live, breathe, work and eat on this planet along with others…
We each have been given certain talents, parents and opportunities provided, to feed and help us grow – by example – to be an adult capable of then working and also serving ourselves and others in many different ways. When God decrees that no one can eat without WORKING, we know then our direction that we are not called to live frivolously or waste our time to be able to obtain ‘free’ through covet of what others work and earn ……or depend then on welfare to be fed..!
We are called to ask Jesus for the things we need and then wait in obedience and perseverance in prayers as we get up each day to do the work allotted to us by – Divine obedience. For this we go to the Church to be taught and our first teachers are obviously our parents and Elders all around. When parents walk against the Church…then we see the temptations of satan and it can then engulf the children too.
Now unless all in the community are adhering to these DEEP TRUTH for all Humanity, we can see then how people failing Jesus and obeying their deeper darkness to obey satan than Jesus, is causing great stress to our children and other Needy especially the old Widows…
If parents have one child or many children, it is the duty of parents to educate every child so that they can then continue in the Divine Plan. If parents try to differentiate between Sons and daughters and raise them as per cultures, instead of obedience to the Common Church, we then see unholy DIVIDES in families by those who refuse to obey the Church. 
We see then COVET manifest into relationships in families and communities and slowly it becomes a ‘culture’ or norm to be followed by ‘those others susceptible to be tempted.’ The Church has been there for 2000 years and if Christians then chose this ‘culture’ as the norm instead of the TRUTH of Jesus then it is only because they are who terms Jesus as ‘Hypocrites’ That is not a religion irrespective of whoever it is practised by..!
It is the duty of all parents, elders and community members to wake up to the dangers of disobedience all around which causes DIVIDE among families. It is detrimental to the growth of our children who are the children of God to carry forth His kingdom. By indulging in COVET and selfishness or Indifference, we are only allowing the temptations of Satan to increase to create further rifts and division in our families all around.
Why not obey Jesus as He calls us each to pray and persevere in our daily work to better ourselves.? We can start from today by starting the process of breathing slowly to calm ourselves and PRAY to Jesus for the many things we want in life to then be healthy to work and obtain. Why then become so busy that we do not remember to pray, SEEK or BREATHE and instead be victims of stress all make more than we can use and encourage children to be wastrels?
What we need He already provides..our bodies, air, water, light…..and if we want more we are provided NATURE on this earth to subjugate for our use…however when we fail to subjugate our own ‘nature’ to align with Jesus’ WAY…then obviously it is not for the good of anyone…!
Let us all humbly get down to pray and SEEK  how – Jesus leads…for our Needs.

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