Love asks for a creative response, concrete – Pope Francis

              What do we do next ?

Love asks for a creative response, concrete. Good intentions are not enough, others are not numbers, but brothers to care – Pope Francis

Teach by example in deeds following the Words of Jesus for our daily lives. We see now our Bishops in the US showing us in ACTIONS that they do not fail to obey Jesus to get up to address the many Sins around instead of just sitting and praying in the Vatican, Cathedrals or Bishop Houses. The Priests and we the laity as Parents and Elders are called to do the same.
The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Parents/Elders in the laity – these are the structure and hierarchy of the Church instituted by Jesus to help guide and build up the next generation of workers of God’s Kingdom as they are granted to us as children, just as we were sent to our Parents. We the chosen Ones as Baptized Christians have to get up to address the Harmful Behaviors all around, but as Jesus states, starting from our own hearts and deeds as we live in families and communities. Can parents sit and talk of the many evils all around while failing to address the evils in their own hearts or families..!

Today we cannot emphasise enough the problems that have risen around the World where we see how perilously close we are to another disastrous War, which will kill millions and leave many more millions terribly needy – mutilated, ravaged, helpless and hopeless. But some few will then will sit back with many more Riches, those riches which comes when there are takers for guns, ammunitions which cost millions and billions but a lack of obedience for DIALOGUES to resolve problems or disagreements.
These Riches made from misuse of Resources of God granted for our Good, costs the poor and the Needy who could have benefitted tremendously to HEAL and GROW, to then get up to be taught to work and contribute to help make Great Nations as is the Will of God for Humanity.
With the advent of Movies and Television and now the Internet in the US, Mankind lost their Way. Instead of using it for better purposes of growth, many used it for getting lost in the many voices of lure all around. Reading the ‘Signs’ of our times we see the consequences where Selfishness, Indifference, Greed, Covet surfaced and rule. The Church was ignored and Christ disobeyed.This cost the youth then and it costs many of them now as Elders, as they are today old and find that their next generation who had to assist them live – have been lured away by their lack of obedience to get up and teach by actions in families and  neighborhoods.
Many are jobless and without opportunities to grow for lack of education or Wisdom. This then leads them to despair and confusion and in that darkness they are prone to more Sins. And Sins increase to lure away more and more further into the darkness away from the Light of Jesus. So where are the candle holders of Christ to provide the much needed LIGHT by ACTIONS following the Words of Christ..!
The Vatican collects records from all around the World. And as our Leader states wisely, DIALOGUE is the way through any difference, to see the Divine Light of Reconciliation to bring Unity, Growth and thereby Peace. Who are the people who then do not resort to DIALOGUE and instead use Silence or Guns/Arms to create and maintain Divide be it in families, communities or nations?
Only a Dictator refuses to hear what others say where in his inherent ignorance and arrogance, he refuses to make time to acknowledge the existence or problems of others around. He is the product then which satan uses to create more chaos and confusion so that the Dictator can exploit to Covet so many away from Jesus.
We see how God listens to the woes and anguish of many such exploited, more notably the Widows and orphans all around. In this mindless pursuit by Men in obedience of their EGO, than God – has made mindless Wars and many are the Widows and orphans the result of these Sins which God cautioned through the Ten Commandments so many milleniums back….and which Jesus came NOT to ABOLISH but to AFFIRM.
So it is now vital that we Christians first get up as Parents and Elders to continue in the guidance of Our Leader, Pope Francis to seek and assist our children in discerning the numerous perils and evils of of their time. Selfishness and Indifference are huge Sins, it’s outcome we only learn much later in life when we suffer it’s consequences. Should we then not warn our children of the perils of walking away from the Light of  Jesus and it’s consequnces in the years to come as time does not wait for anyone. The babies of today are to be leaders, parents, workers in every industry in the making of Great Nations as is the Will of God, but in adherence on the path of Jesus as it’s leader, showing the Light for the Way forward.,
We do it for our good as well for we all know that even as most of us are now past 50s and 60s, it is the Divine plan that we grow old in our bodies and need help ..! How will children help if they are allowed to be lured by voices in the darkness, that which does not have Jesus’ Light in them..? If our children do not help us then we are left to the mercy of the community or the Church to then add us on to the already many genuine Needy all around.
So when we see Widows in our midst who are Needy because of the lack of direction in families on account of selfishness and indifference, we know then many are in Sin because of failure of SEEKING and lack of obedience to the Church, after one comes out of Holy Mass in the name of Jesus.
Please read and share the link with the children so that we all know that Man, Woman or children – we all are children of God and we have to obey His Divine Will for one and all, for the common Good. ” Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven..” So SEEK to find His Will for us. Then get up to Sacrifice daily to SERVE.
The Creator who created every cell in our body knows our Hearts and Minds even before we pray. So when we indulge in mindless chants of prayers with no thoughts or acceptance to change or CONVERT, then we only fool ourselves or the community as Hypocrisy is seen by Jesus for He can see everything in us. Which is why every Christian is essentially one only after True Conversion from their past.
So let us get up to REPENT and AMEND our Ways to CONVERT from the past of ignorance to SEEK and OBEY for the Good of All on Mother Earth.
America and some other countries celebrate Father’s Day. We pray then for all Fathers on earth that they get up now to become a Loving Father for their children to bring Jesus into their lives – by example in ACTIONS following this beautiful Faith of Jesus. How can a Father and Mother abuse their own Elders and sit with their children in the Holy Church to come out in disobedience to continue the ABUSE..? This Divides families and the Holy Church and the victims are innocent children who get torn between all these Divide and confusion. They then get lured..!
The need of the hour is DIALOGUE…and yes, dialogue is a two WAY communication just as are our Prayers to our Heavenly Father. So when we pray to God we also ought to make time to HEAR what He Teaches us through His Divine obedient and pleasing Son – Jesus. This is Holy Communion and it is DIVINE. We then have to come out of the Church to spread the Gospel in Deeds in our families and communities for it is that God sees the many ‘small’ things we do daily that makes all the difference to Him and His World. An act of hypocrisy is vicious and it’s intentions are never good.
Let us then learn today that GOOD INTENTIONS are not enough, some among us need HELP …..we ought to CARE to get up to do the needful to address the NEED lest we be guilty of Indifference and selfishness – both which will be seen by Jesus even as we profess hypocrisy as Christians in the midst of community…!
 ‘Harmful behaviors’ in the family and community needs to be addressed through DIALOGUE as advised by the Bishops in the Spring Meet ongoing in Indianapolis – US. We cannot pretend to pray and think that we can remain INACTIVE in indifference and selfishness in the midst of so many cries and pains of the many Widows, children and hapless old all around.
If the Bishops of US have come together, it is because they are in the midst of very rich communities who can make a positive difference by example to the rest of the World. The World gets affected by the economy of the US and so it is vital that the Communities in the US who are Blessed in many Ways ought to to get up to use their Blessings to be a Blessing to the Needy in many other countries which are not so Blessed with natural resources or the Wisdom of Christ.
It is the Natural Law of God that all get up to do their best each day in accordance with the Graces granted to them – for the Good of All. All forms of Communism must be resisted for Communism is very much against the Teachings of God for it is plain Hypocrisy where some COVET of the hard work of others, to then enrich and have all the Riches for a few, while intentionally keeping others down and DIVIDED…
When Our Lady of Fatima came to caution the World 100 years back against Communism in Russia, we today see how lack of adherence to that warning – by some in the the Church has cost the World. The Church since then has got up to obey in ACTIONS and it makes a difference to the World. We the laity too have to be vigilant about Communists lurking among us in the family or the Community, as Hypocrisy is not Christianity.
So down with Communism be it in Russia, China, Cuba or Kerala in India…..Let Christians get up to work and live by examples set forth by Jesus our Leader. Affirm to live as teaches Jesus as He came NOT to abolish, but AFFIRM the Ten Commandments….so have can any true follower of Jesus defy Him, it is disobedience and a Huge Sin. STOP the spread of Sins in our family and community for the good of All.
Read and encourage the young to read the link and fill it out to help the Church know the minds and hearts of the young in our midst so that they can be guided. Share and Spread the link for the Good of the World. Happy Father’s Day.
A Conversation With USCCB’s Jonathan Reyes – The “Convocation of Catholic Leaders: The Joy of the Gospel in America” is an unprecedented, one-time gathering to discuss evangelization in the life of the U.S. Church…….But it basically evolved, and became what it is today, with Pope Francis. Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) was the sort of key moment, with this sense that the Church, facing the challenges of the age, was just called to missionary discipleship, encountering Christ, and [the need] to try to do something that was never done before — at least that we know of — of having the bishops call together specific leaders and say, “What do we do next?”

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