The US Bishops Conference, June -14 Sexual Abuse

Christians be a WITNESS for accountability, transformation and leadership.

” They know the damage that inaction can cause…” 
” June 14, 2017, as they begin the spring meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in Indianapolis, the bishops of the United States will celebrate a “Mass of Prayer and Penance” for survivors of sexual abuse within the Church.
The laity on the Teachings of the Church can earnestly get up to ACT each day to SEEK and LEARN on how to be Moral upholders in daily ACTIONS of this beautiful Faith taught by Jesus where He teaches us to love and give DIGNITY to each other, be they a Man or a Woman. This can and will make a huge difference to our families.

Lack of this Divine Truth where ignorance then leads to so many subjugating and abusing others in the name of ‘Superiority’ be it of skin color, degrees, caste, race, wealth or positions etc…can be effectively tackled, if the Parents start teaching their children to know and respect this Divine Humanity in one and ALL.
So in a home where a Man respects his wife and a wife respects her husband, it will then be a fine example for the children to follow suit. And we see why then we have to share this important Teaching all around because our children then are to live in this world surrounded by others or get married to others from the community. How sad it will be if our children cannot be left alone in a Church or a park or in a community where there are such predators. One ignorant person incapable of controlling his or her impulses can create havoc to one or more.. and their families.
Concupiscence is COVET. Concupiscence – ‘Strong Desire for sensual satisfaction’ is a consequence of original sin…according the church theologian St. Augustine. 
Can we then knowingly allow such predators without ‘repentance or amendment’ to walk freely amidst families and communities..? Can they then be given freedom of ‘RIGHTS’ to continue to abuse the freedom or RIGHTS of others, especially the Innocent children or Needy in our midst? Many a Sinner can be helped to change by effective timely ACTIONS by the Shepherds, the family and the community – for the Good of All.
We see then how vital it is to get up to obey as says Jesus to combat Sins first within our own hearts and then share this Light for others….so that we are all bathed together in this Holy and Divine Light of  the TRUTH of Jesus, for our daily lives. It is a NARROW Path but we know then ahead, we have a TRUE Friend who will never lead us astray. And we know then that we can be a Witness and testimony for those behind us on this Path.
Unless all learn, there is always the constant danger of satan luring away people to ABUSE others wherein they fail to ‘SUBJUGATE their own weak nature and submit to pleasures of the flesh…or become victims of greed within their hearts to COVET that which does not belong to us… Submitting our Will to let Jesus increase in us makes all the difference.
The Church teaches us these faithfully from over 2000 years after Jesus came, NOT TO ABOLISH – but to FULFIL (Mt 5:17) that which His Heavenly Father already instructed Humanity by “The Ten Commandments…”
When Jesus cautions us of ‘Hypocrites’…we see how true it is sadly, that such Hypocrites are there not only in families and communities but also in the Church as Wolves in the garb of sheep’s clothing – to abuse the Innocent and Needy – to cause such havoc in the Holy Church of families. The Church gets deeply wounded and DIVIDED when others fail to then get up to ADDRESS the evil and hence this Bishops Meet is important where they will not only offer up REPENTANCE but get up in ACTIONS to bring about AMENDMENTS so that this does not continue….It is called the Discipleship of Christ.
However, please do realise that the Shepherds show the way in the Church ….and we have to get back home, to get up in our ‘DOMESTIC CHURCH’ similarly each day then to OBEY and Shepherd our children to live in ACTIONS as teaches the Church.
Women as Grandmothers and Mothers have a huge role to play in this scheme of things as wisely observed and guided by our Holy Father Pope Francis. Let us not be naive to then think that this Message of the Bishops of America only applies to the Americans or Christians in the World. The Christians everywhere have to fulfil their Christian Vocation to seek, learn and obey to do the needful in ACTIONS in being faithful followers daily in their own homes and communities across the planet. This will bring positive changes to the community made up of different religions and we CONFORM to the message of Christ for All.
If the Bishops now know that INACTION causes a lot of serious DAMAGE, then we see the TRUTH in the Words – ” Evil flourishes when the GOOD do not get up to STOP the evil…”
Any SEEKER of Jesus Christ will know that if Jesus came into this World, it was OBEDIENCE to bring the Truth from God that Sins will not be accepted. Shepherds are called to address the evils of Sins to help bring back the lost sheep.Our Life here has been granted to live as He teaches us in the Ten Commandments, which we will see if learned and imbibed in our daily lives will not see us looking at each other with differences of gender, wealth or religion but GET up to CONFORM and walk wherein it will not be the ‘I’ that matters but ‘WE’. 
Surely we all see that the need of the HOUR as guides Our Lady of Fatima is repentance and then AMEND to get up to obey HER SON to bring Sinners back to God – to AMEND…and for that like Jesus walked among Sinners, we too have to help the Sinners know their Sins so that with prayers and ACTIONS in FAITH, we can help HEAL for the GOOD of ALL. 
Can we go to a Doctor to be healed, if we fail to let him know our illnesses..? Medication and maybe Surgery will be needed to help HEAL. Can a doctor or patient then say that because surgery is painful, we should not proceed to HEAL? Amendment is needed for true Repentance. If a Doctor pretends and says that surgery or medication is not needed….or a Shepherd of the Church pretends that Sins need not be addressed, then evil flourishes..! Speaking the TRUTH even if it hurts, is vital to address the evil. Yes, then maybe some will be persecuted…just as Jesus was, did it STOP our Lord from going forth to the Ultimate Sacrifice..?
His Sacrifice made such difference as to then record History as – lives before Him and lives after Him. We then who have been sent after Him, have the Blessings to be grateful in Actions following His Faith to make a difference.

“May their witness be a call — to all institutions — for accountability, transformation and leadership…” If this is true for all institutions, Bishops, Priests… it also has to be true for you and me and all LAITY who want to follow Jesus.

A very important Commentary by a Seeker below – Saint john Chrysostom –
Please ponder on his Words to know the meaning of TRUE Sacrifice in our lives – 
“..Anyone who has a pure heart, who is a peacemaker, who suffers persecution for the truth is a person who consecrates his life for the good of others…”

Commentary of the day : June 13, 2017

Saint John Chrysostom (c.345-407), priest at Antioch then Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church 
Sermons on Saint Matthew’s Gospel, no.15 

Salt of the earth

“You are the salt of the earth”, the Saviour says, so showing them the necessity of all those precepts he has just proclaimed. “My word,” he says to them, “will not only apply to your own lives but has been entrusted to you for the whole world. I am not sending you out to two towns, nor to ten, nor twenty, nor even to a single people as was the case of prophets in former times. But I am sending you out to the earth, the sea, the whole creation (Mk 16:15), wherever evil is rampant. 

Indeed, by saying to them: “You are the salt of the earth”, he showed them that all human nature is saltless, corrupted by sin. Through their ministry the Holy Spirit’s grace will regenerate and preserve the world. Hence he teaches them the virtues of the beatitudes: those that are most necessary and efficacious in anyone responsible for a multitude. Someone who is gentle, modest and merciful and does not just shut inside himself the good deeds he carries out in his mind but takes care that those lovely springs should also stream out for the good of others. Anyone who has a pure heart, who is a peacemaker, who suffers persecution for the truth is a person who consecrates his life for the good of others.


The bishops of the Catholic Church know the consequence of “missed opportunities” to prevent and respond to child abuse. They know the damage that inaction can cause. They also know what it takes to foster safe environments. The bishops of the United States are well-positioned to defy the stereotypes of the past and to call other institutions to change. Learning from the lessons of the past, the Church can be a leader in fostering safe environments in America’s public institutions. The bishops can call on other institutional leaders to hold themselves to the high standards which have become the norm in the Church.

The bishops offering prayer and penance for the survivors of sexual abuse are leaders committed to ensuring a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults. 

May their witness be a call — to all institutions — for accountability, transformation and leadership.

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