I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

8 Modern Errors Every Catholic Should Know and Avoid …. by Msgr.Charles Pope


As a GrandMother and a follower of the Daily Gospel by DGO regularly as I could not go for daily Mass, I am fascinated by the Truth of what Jesus came to affirm ‘ The Ten Commandments of God. ‘  To say that I was born with the Truth would be outrageous and a LIE and to say that I belong to some Superior family would again be a LIE for all Humans come from God irrespective of wherever they were born and has every opportunity since then, to grow. Here we have to emphasise GROWTH as not being complacent or stagnant, but growing each day to know God and His Plan for us.

We see that we have to have a formal education for making better for ourselves materially, but the quest for PERFECTION is an ongoing education and this will be better and GOOD for ALL if we follow Jesus. I had the Blessing to have good Christian parents who practiced what they Preached at home or in the community and realized after being taught by Redemptorist Priests in my middle age that Jesus is the answer for all the ills in the family and also the community or the World where we are today dangerously close to another World War and destruction of many lives.

Lack of clarity in guidance by many priests did have an adverse effect on Christians around the World as they grappled with sudden wealth and opportunities and instead of being grateful, they lost their way. And sadly we see how this lack of Christian Guidance has brought the steep decline in population in the Western Countries where the Churches are now filled up mostly by the Elderly. Why is there decline in the population..? Yes, the fight between a Man and Woman leading to both going their different ways because of the opportunities presented by wealth and gadgets in place of a human companion and partner in life or OBEDIENCE.

Priests got to keeping and playing it safe to meet the demands of the community than CONFORM the Community to Jesus. So I whole heartedly applaud and echo the astute observations and Wisdom by Msgr. Charles Pope to bring out the many evils that have lured the Christians today where then they fail to not only bring themselves back to Jesus but also FAIL to share by example and help bring GENTILES to the Word of God. This has it’s effects where we see the Western countries today grappling with Confusion, Staurophobia, Universalism….or lack of understanding of simple things like Mercy after repentance or thinking that “Jesus’ Sacrifice allows everyone to be saved without repentance or Amendments needed…!”

It is not difficult to see how the concept of ‘I’ as opposed to ‘WE’ has overtaken America and what America does as the Leader with plenty of affluence, has it’s impact and consequences around the World. The many Blessings and bounty that could be availed by the people who came as immigrants over the centuries has been taken for granted by the Blessed generations that came later, the effects are what we see today. If Parents and the Church stood to SEEK and then share the glaring TRUTH of Jesus’ sufferings for our sake instead of whitewashing with tolerance, universalism, deformed dialogue or great music or ART in the Churches, then the laity is jostled to  ‘Reality Check.’

Man, Woman and children are all lonely and without the feeling of being ONE in HIM or learn to be grateful to get up and obey to work hard and honest as also Share and Care. So while we have the hungry teeming youth be it in India or China not having enough food or opportunities, the Western countries are languishing for its Youth have too much and does not have Guidance to be grateful or proper use of their time or opportunity to know beyond its boundaries.

It is sad and also awareness to know the number of average Americans not know about anything beyond the boundaries of the USA. It is hilarious but sad to hear some say that Jesus was WHITE or that America is the land where Christianity started..! It is sad to hear that they think that they are Blessed and so have a Right to ‘abuse’ of what they have in plenty. If they are the children of Immigrants, then other worthy hard-working Immigrants who seek its land to enter to similarly work hard for the growth of All, should be encouraged.

Wrong citation of tolerance to allow then these Immigrants to do what they please in the name of their Faith or lack of it, is also an abuse of the teachings of Jesus when he Himself whipped those who made the TEMPLE a market place. Similarly among the family or a community those who defy the BODY of Christ claiming to be His followers should be strongly discouraged with ‘REBUKE’ or the whip of the tongue. Hypocrisy costs and when Jesus cautions us – ‘ To BEWARE of Hypocrites as Wolves ‘ then it is the duty of those who stand in the pulpit in His Holy name to teach the sheep under them who come faithfully to be led…lack of this amounts to being a BAD Shepherd and it has repercussions when the congregation is not allowed this Wisdom to discern the Wolves in their midst.

I request urgently the Priests and the Body of Christ members to SEEK /avail of the Internet to use it for their Good to read and learn from the vast resources offered by the Vatican for the same. We need deeper Understanding of the many problems that is beset the World, by going back to Jesus and being willing to accept His LIGHT even though it is very glaring and uncomfortable for those who do not like what they see or feel by its glaring TRUTH which sees deep within us.

There is no getting away from Jesus for indeed He is the TRUTH, the WAY through this Life if we hope to have an Eternal Life with Him by being WORTHY of His Promises for each one of us.

An excerpted list from the article of Msgr. Charles Pope for easy reference below –

1. Mercy without reference to repentance

2. Staurophobia – Fear of the Cross

3. Universalism – Universalism is the belief that most, if not all people are going to be saved in the end.

4. Deformed Dialogue – The term “dialogue” has come to mean an almost endless conversation

5. Equating Love with Kindness – Kindness is an aspect of love. But so is rebuke; so is punishment; as is praise.

6. Misconstruing the nature of tolerance – Most people today equate tolerance with approval.

7. Anthropocentrism – This term refers to the modern tendency to have man at the center and not God

8. Role reversal – Jesus said that the Holy Spirit whom he would send to us would convict the world (see John 16:8)

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