Domestic Violence leads to pain all around

We will first talk of America because the world follows America. It was good when America was ‘good’ when it walked by the Faith of the Church for centuries. But the advent of Hollywood and TV brought about a culture of ‘Celebrities’ who could have used their lives better if they counted on the riches as a Blessing to help others….but all these Riches were used to fuel up lavish lifestyles which were then aired ….. making a whole lot of other youth around the world aspire for such lifestyle….but without working or earning it..!!

We do know now that each human comes here on this Earth from God and with certain talents granted, for which we are called to work and improve our skills for the same. Our Parents are our first teachers and providers. When the Parents and Elders around are grounded in this Divine Truth and SEEK from the Church to lead their children daily in their battles with evil all around, we do see that it can have positive effects in the long run. So the guidance that Iceland gave its Parents, teachers and communities as seen in the link below has its roots in the Christian Faith for I do know that seeking from the Church in the crucial years of the growth of my own two daughters in India helped us tremendously to help them grow up being able to withstand the many temptations.

Young children are not to be left with plenty of time on their hands in the company of other children who are similarly left without proper guidance. The answer does lie with the awareness of Man and Woman that they have come together for a larger picture where they can contribute together as family and parents. When a Man or Woman is not guided by the Church, then there is the real danger of being lured by the serpent as was Eve when she was told that she could be better than God…and she then chose to lure her husband Adam. Adam could have stopped the temptation and also helped his wife to stay away…but then he not only ate of the apple but when the time came to answer God, he lied and accused the wife..! We will see this happens all around when a Man or Woman is ready to take the compliments when things are well, but when things go wrong, they try to point fingers and ACCUSE, instead of trying to SEEK the cause in earnest.

When a Man does not work enough or then works beyond what is needed for the growth of the family, then his wife, children and family are neglected. A neglected wife will have an adverse effect on the children and home. Similarly, a wife too engaged with her job and not enough attention on the husband, home or children will have negative effects on the growth of all. God has granted both Man and a Woman their own individual Bodies and the Gifts of Mind and Heart to REASON with to make better Choices. So when the couple come together to make a VOW – I DO, it has to continue out of the Church, back home.

Sometimes, a Woman has better earning capacity than the Man, if EGO is controlled then a better working atmosphere at home can be achieved by learning from the Church. One works for primarily the income it can bring for the Needs, Comforts or luxuries that one needs in a home. So whether it is the Man who earns or the Woman or both, they have to know what their goal in life should be – Growth. Growth of both and the children should be the primary consideration for in God’s Plans all have been included as it is He who decides where we are to be born or as what GENDER we are sent here. So if He has made both Man and Woman and the coming together brings forth the next generation of boys and girls we can see that it is a Divine Plan for the Good of All. Can we deny this and expect Peace when a Man and Woman choose to abuse one another and the children are witness to this evil?

Young Minds will have their hearts filled with negativity and hatred for the opposite sex when they see their parents abusive and unless guided by the Church, will continue in this Sinful approach to life. So the approach of the Elders active in their combined decision to help the youth has paid off in Iceland. So why aren’t the other countries following suit? Not all countries still have leaders and governance which has the COMMON GOOD for all at heart. Many are still ruling for their own Good at the cost of others. This does have consequences and we see some aired on a well brought out documentary – INSIDE JOB on Netflix.

The need of the hour is to SEEK and become aware and then share to teach others to similar awareness. We see from the link below that one family starts to SEEK, but then it has to be shared by hard work to bring others around to it. It is dedicated effort by perseverance. This is Prayer. We see how Jesus taught us. He prayed and brought this Communicated answered Prayer from God, back to Humanity by addressing the evils all around. Was this to malign or slander anyone, on the contrary we see how the lessons taught by Jesus through people has brought forth much understanding for us all as we grapple through the issues in our own lives. No two lives are same and yet we see the beauty of how Jesus can help us all by the Gift of the Holy Spirit promised to His believers.

How to proceed with this Truth will be a point of contention always among people as we see the difference now in between the Pope and some Bishops regarding issues relating to allow ‘some’ to receive Holy Communion while still in deep Sin..!! We can see the point of Pope Francis where he wants to allow the Sinners to come back to Church to be allowed the Words to Heal in due time. But we can also see the detrimental effect when these people are seen to be allowed to receive Holy Communion for inevitably it will be a lure for the ignorant to then follow suit..!!

When a son or daughter watches the effects of a father or a Mother living with a partner outside their Marriage, it will be difficult for the child to comprehend or understand the situation. So while the Shepherds have to come to a Unified Understanding on how to deal effectively with this in their congregation, why not follow Jesus..? He did speak out against the evil even if He did not then go after them to persuade them for His Mission was for the whole of Humanity.

Similarly, if the Shepherds of each community under them, stands on the pulpit to address the evils by talking about them openly and publicly even as the Sinners can be allowed to come to the Church and Receive the holy Communion, then the Community of innocent families and children will have clear guidance instead of being left adrift by just reading the Scriptures which as Jesus shows, we do not understand unless we have been granted the Grace for the same. So if Jesus chose some to have the Grace to receive His Wisdom, then they are also morally duty bound to share the same. Truth is bitter but it has to be shared so as to enlighten every one of the consequences…and equally the Sinner can make the Choice to receive the Holy Eucharist because Jesus did come for Sinners. The process for Repentance and Healing is gradual and to be allowed to have the opportunity should be left to the concerned Christians and in due course His Words will have effect.

If some come to the Church to seek and be made aware of the Truth, should that be DENIED to them because of ‘Relativism’ where everyone wants to have their own truth than CONFORM to the Truth of Jesus which is for the Good of All..? Should a Shepherd then have obedience to Jesus or be swayed by some who do not want to know the truth?Who will then be responsible for not being there to guide the young children from such broken homes who come to the Church wanting guidance and Love..? Who will guide the Parents and Elders who have lost their Way?

If a Shepherd does not openly state his conviction from Jesus to all, then many are left without guidance and it becomes an inevitable cycle of abuse and ignorance continued..! If those who disobey Jesus and wants to continue living with a partner outside of their marriage and want to Receive Holy Communion, it should be left to their Choice then to hear in the Church that they are in Sin and be allowed their time to change through Repentance and then conversion. When the Community of other adults and children seated with those in Sin are aware that it is a SIN and it is stated in front of the congregation, it will slowly lead many a conscience to question their own darkness leading to continued Sins…to have the benefit to be brought the Light of Jesus.

If Our Lady of Fatima came to bring the Important Message of ‘Consequences to continued Sins’, then the Shepherds first ought to learn and similarly teach the laity to know the Good and Bad of our Choices. This will then cascade down to the people everywhere otherwise the Lack of concurrence on topics between the Pope and the Bishops can lead to more SHEEP being lost by the timely convenience of Hypocrites and Wolves coming in to seize and use the opportunity…

O’Toole fully endorses the Icelandic focus on parents, school and the community all coming together to help support kids, and on parents or carers being engaged in young people’s lives. Improving support for kids could help in so many ways, he stresses. Even when it comes just to alcohol and smoking, there is plenty of data to show that the older a child is when they have their first drink or cigarette, the healthier they will be over the course of their life.

“You have to rely on the resources of the community,” he says.

In Iceland, the relationship between people and the state has allowed an effective national programme to cut the rates of teenagers smoking and drinking to excess – and, in the process, brought families closer and helped kids to become healthier in all kinds of ways. Will no other country decide these benefits are worth the costs?

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