The right to private property – 5 The Common Good

                                      The Gift of the Holy Spirit

But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.
And when he comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation:
sin, because they do not believe in me;
righteousness, because I am going to the Father and you will no longer see me;
condemnation, because the ruler of this world has been condemned.”

In this ongoing tussle because of the disobedience of some fallen angels whom the Bible calls ‘devils’, we see its reality all around if we ‘READ the Signs of our Times’ and also know our part in helping God ‘BUILD Great Nations.’ While Man was allowed to grow and survive by the Divine Providence of abundant Nature, he could subsist by moving from place to place in search of food. Soon it became evident through experience that they had to settle down. And inevitably the settlement occurred near bodies of water. And soon we see the shores of many rivers become the starting point of mass bodies of settlement which later translated into metro cities.

We can see and reason with God granted Brain and Wisdom that if God made a major part of the Earth consist of water, it is enough to meet the requirements of all. The beautifully DESIGNED eco system of Sun, Heat, Water and Wind to bring water where it is needed by Rain and snow on Mountains and valleys to carry it forward to other areas on the land is a testimony for Man of the Divine Maker and His Plans.  If Man who lives on the remaining portion called LAND, learns to use water and other resources wisely as teaches God through His Natural Laws for Mankind it will be for the common good of all. We see then how important it is for us to know and learn our boundaries taught by the Ten Commandments. For if one talks ‘Rights’, it is not unlimited ‘Rights’ to everyone and everything on this Earth. We also learn that every RIGHT has a corresponding DUTY to acknowledge others RIGHTS and DUTIES.  So when it comes to properties be it land or water, it is Divine Assistance that we are given the Ten Commandments to know the Divine Order as we live amidst families and communities in this ongoing evolution towards bettering ourselves and our environment for the sustained growth of all.

Today if we through technology have more discoveries and advancement possible in every sphere of life, it is without doubt because of the Gift of our Minds endowed in the awesome DESIGN that is our Body. And in this awesome and Infinite Design that is the Universe all around our Earth and which we are all part of …Man slowly learned to use his Mind to see patterns. And so in due course we saw what we are meant to see…and this Gift to see is indeed the Gift of Grace by The Almighty and so we see below how the Gift of Holy Spirit gives us Humanity different ‘Talents and Gifts’ to be used – always for our Good and the Good of others –

“..He uses the tongue of one person for wisdom, he illumines the soul of another by prophecy, to another he imparts the power of driving out devils, to another the gift of interpreting the sacred scriptures; he strengthens the self-control of one, teaches another the nature of alsmgiving, another to fast and mortify himself, another to despise the things of the body; he prepares another for martyrdom. He acts differently in different people while himself remaining unchanged, as it is written: “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good..” (1Cor 12,7).

When we fail to use our Gifts for the common good, it becomes ‘Selfishness’ and if we do not strive to learn how to use our Blessings, then it becomes ‘Indifference.’ So we see that it is not enough to NOT be indulging in Covet and work hard to just accumulate or hoard, for then it  becomes Greed. And if we do not spend enough then we become guilty of being a miser. So from being a ‘baby’ who was selfish to be heard to be fed and satisfy my own needs, life has come a long way where I am being made to see that this PATH that Jesus talks about indeed gets Narrow as we live in a world constantly being lured by some cultures or traditions that are brought about by the ARROGANTS and followed mindlessly by the IGNORANTS…

We see then how we hapless Humans, the Creation of God is indeed helped in His Love by granting us directions in the continued midst of temptations daily. If the human beings gets out of the clutches of the devil to gain control by obedience in trust to Jesus, we do see how it can help Humanity have this prayer and ACTIONs to work for the common good.

And so even as I grapple the evil that has beseeched my family where lack of awareness reigns even as all are Baptized Christians, I then also see that it is this lack of awareness which left untended threatens to engulf the World in yet another war. Almost everywhere we hear of the family system breaking down due to willful disobedience by many. This threatens to tear the very fabric of society in every Nation. Our Lady of Fatima had come to give the World in utter sorrow of once again – a plea to repent and convert to the Faith that Her Son came to teach at great cost to Her and His Divine Body.

Now many do come to the Faith through Baptism but since then lack of seeking as one grows in age does pose a problem for want of looking for guidance from the Church in their lives. Every one’s lives and circumstances are different. And yet here is where we see the seemingly unbelievable Truth of the Holy Spirit gifted by Jesus having the Divinity to help each one of us to walk in trust to be part of the Bigger Picture that only God knows and has for Humanity. And humility makes us realize that we indeed are just a part of it but a significant part with a Choice to make a difference in our family and community that is part of the Body of the Church – Jesus.

What could be the growth of the family of my Parents if all the children and their families similarly worked hard and honest to give quality time and effort to raise the next generation of God’s workers by the umpteen Blessings God granted us all ?

What could be the scope of earnings to help all grow,  the tithe paid to help the poor, the tax paid to contribute to the common good such as building and sustaining infrastructure… and the benefits to family, community and the Church? What would be the joy and happiness of this Mother, a Widow as also the many innocent children in our midst who could have thrived in the midst of abundant love and guidance of their Elders and family..?

What could have been the impact of such a family as an example of Christ as their Head…and the Communion of a community in Jesus.? So instead of showing Jesus as our Leader, today we have torn the family with selfishness, indifference, covet and yet everyone is going to great Churches around the World but we see that there is no mercy or joy for this Widowed Mother Mercy whose Son Joy died and she is left alone in the twilight of her life..!

Can I ask my husband who is retired to look after this Mother or his Mother? We do not have Sons! who will supposedly look after us in our old age..! We both have younger brothers to whom the responsibilities of taking care of these Mothers had been conveyed more than 20 years back as advised by the Church and in due course these Mother’s homes would have been theirs for all the time, effort and expenses incurred to keep the Mothers in love, sheltered and comforted by their own families. It would have been Divine and pleasing to God when these Needy old Widows are helped when they are not able to take care of themselves after all the years of hard work and Sacrifice to help us all grow.

My husband and I have to make some Sacrifices in our retired life now to help our child back to her life by our fervent prayers and also the prayers in Actions to help her heal by proper spiritual food for her Soul as also nourishing food for her body. But before we help her, we have to help ourselves to be strong and guided by Jesus each day. We also have our grandchildren across in another continent but by the Grace of God who we can communicate with daily by this Gift of Internet for Humanity even as per His plans we all have to explore and go forth to different parts of the World to earn and help our children grow to stand on their feet to go forth.

it is my earnest endeavour with the help of this medium to be able to share all that God enlightens me through His Son Jesus to be able to give a Grandmother’s perspective to life as we live it in the midst of family and communities so that we are found pleasing to our Heavenly Father. His Son Jesus and His Mother were obedient and went forth in Actions daily to help Sinners redeem themselves by speaking plainly and openly of their Sins. Perhaps it is time that Christians took up this courage and strength to get up and have the strength to address the Sins in their own hearts to start with and then go forth redeemed to help others by sharing the truth of the many evils in their midst. Evangelisation is a duty of every Christian following Jesus in Action, as He did use His time to bring the Divine Truth to all. Prayer is Actions following the Faith.

Truth does hurt but it then brings healing and Peace for one and all. We know that Jesus hurt many by His Truth and was killed for it, but did He stay DEAD..! Time and History has been divided by this Divine Truth brought by this Man who then ‘RESSURECTED’ and we see this Divide between the ‘Righteous’ and the ‘Sinners’ ongoing, it is not for us to ‘Despair’ as teaches Jesus but get up each day to use the CHOICE to do our BEST and leave the REST –  to Him. He did not raise His hand and neither is anyone else called to do so….so why is there War still going on in this World?

Benedict XVI, pope from 2005 to 2013
Speech given on 31/05/2006 before the Lourdes grotto om the Vatican Gardens (trans. ©Libreria editrice vaticana)     –  Wherever Mary comes, Jesus is there

On today’s Feast of the Visitation, as in every passage of the Gospel, we see Mary docile to the divine plan and with an attitude of provident love for the brethren. In fact, the humble maiden from Nazareth, still amazed at what the Angel Gabriel had announced to her – that is, that she would be the mother of the promised Messiah -, learned that in her old age her elderly kinswoman Elizabeth had also conceived a son. She immediately set out with haste for the house of her cousin, the Evangelist notes (cf. Lk 1:39), to offer her help at a time of special need.

How can we fail to see that the hidden protagonist in the meeting between the young Mary and the by-then elderly Elizabeth is Jesus? Mary bears him in her womb as in a sacred tabernacle and offers him as the greatest gift to Zechariah, to Elizabeth, his wife, and also to the infant developing in her womb. “Behold”, the Mother of John the Baptist says, “when the voice of your greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leaped for joy” (Lk 1: 44). Whoever opens his or her heart to the Mother encounters and welcomes the Son and is pervaded by his joy. True Marian devotion never obscures or diminishes faith and love for Jesus Christ Our Saviour, the one Mediator between God and humankind. On the contrary, entrustment to Our Lady is a privileged path, tested by numerous saints, for a more faithful following of the Lord. Consequently, let us entrust ourselves to her with filial abandonment!

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