The right to property – 4 We “love the sinner, but persecute the sin.”


We “love the sinner, but persecute the sin.”


I love our Parents, our brothers and sisters and their families. And I love our brother Lord Jesus and His Mother who suffered so much to enable Her Son to fulfill His Mission on earth. When we read the New Testimony, we see Him go out in the midst of people of different communities and address the evils in their midst. He is not just kneeling in prayers for constant communication with His Heavenly Father for us Mankind, but also getting up to SPEAK OPENLY and PUBLICLY. It is not that He wants to condemn us or punish us, but He enlightens us for our awareness to the path of our redemption and as also the community through us.

If God chose Moses to sent the Ten Commandments for us, it is because He loves us, His Creation.  It pains any parent to see their children in Sin and as we know we are made in His Divine Image, we understand that He feels the pain of our Sins, instead of living our lives in gratitude. When the Church started Teaching me these vital Wisdom, I was at a loss for I do know then that not being there for family, especially when someone is Sick, was and is a Sin. So while I was there for my Widowed Mother as also the Widowed Mother of my husband when they were sick, I was also caught acutely in the trauma of my brother Edwin in Seattle who called me up to ask for financial help and thereafter progressively was sick and healed many times due to the marvel of American technology and Christian spirit of helping the Needy.

Now I am not a working woman in the technical sense of the word, for I was at home working to ensure the growth of our family especially as my husband was frequently away from home due to his work. Reeling with shock that my brother was in a different country thousands of miles away and having three young school going children and a wife who is laid up without any medical reason, it is natural then to reach out to our other siblings to bring help and reconciliation in the home of my brother.

I could not share this News with my Parents because they were old and ailing in many ways and so I had to ask my husband to help out financially to support them till my brother could deal effectively with his problem. Our other brother who lived in the US in Boston could have similarly approached the problem as a Christian by getting together and handling the family crisis as teaches the Church. But I since then, watched in utter sorrow as this brother would not communicate as his wife had made him promise to CUT me off. And on the other hand I had my sister similarly being cut off from her family at the insistence of her husband because then our brother Edwin had been termed a ‘liability’, our parents – a liability. Whereas this brother Edwin was loved by many because of his generosity in sharing not only his dollars, time, knowledge and opportunities with all starting from family, it was an assault on our soul to see the harsh reality that when money goes, so does friends….but family?

I was put in this acute situation where I became aware that my brother is in deep problem, my parents not being told of this on account of their old age and their financial dependence on the sons and I, being CUT off from my siblings to help discuss and find solutions. What made the wives of both my brothers cut me off….or the sister and her husband ? There should be some reason given, an opportunity to ask for forgiveness given…as teaches our Church but when this situation is pulled through for 20 years, it did affect my Father, my brother Edwin – both died in acute sorrow which did affect our Mother and yes me, her eldest daughter and my own family ……and it now extends to my grandchildren who are bewildered when they hear their Great Grandmother cry far away in Mumbai.. or know that they have other Uncles and Aunts as family !

I am ‘cut off ‘because I bring the blinding Truth of Jesus’ Teachings for one and all. I see how the Church has got real solutions to any human’s life among family and communities. I also saw that lack of adherence to these has the capability of affecting people all around and it overwhelms and consumes people to bring them down in chaos and desperation leading to sickness and deaths. But that is precisely because even if ‘one’ does not get up to follow Christ in the midst of a family then as Jesus stated, there will be Divides. My family got Divided because Jesus came to teach and some could not obey, so we got CUT up and torn apart like the garment of Jesus torn by those who Crucified Him and further took away His Dignity and ‘humble’ clothes on his back…! My Parents’ family was viciously torn apart by people who came in willingly to the Church to be joined in the Holy Sacrament but since then mammon has ruled and we  were torn apart intentionally and viciously without any conscience.

If it was a matter of just the wives of my brothers, then their Elders and my Elders could get together and resolve as teaches the Church, but what is the implication if people who once were neighbours and Elders who came in and out of our home in Chembur, then show that they do not know us because they state ‘I am evil and cheap’ ..! I become cheap to be thrown out because I refused to take flights and run to Mumbai everytime our Mother is sick..? Was I in charge of her well being or was it this brother in Boston who was told 20 years back of the family decision to give him this Mother’s apartment for his care of her in due course? So who stopped him from fulfilling his duties and have no understanding of the Catholic Church where he was Baptized..!! Should any syro- malabar rites make a difference to the Teachings of Jesus and the Commandments of God..?

I am doing my chores and duties as I did for my family then as so now and I have to be here to help my old retired husband as well as our younger daughter to help her heal off the Cancer that she had in 2016. My Mother is sick and alone in Mumbai….Why should there have been any confusion if the brother who was told that he would get the flat as was the Teaching of the Church – had come and taken care of his duty towards his Mother and then avail of her property after that as would be his due..! Why didn’t this brother accord me the dignity to at least ask about the Sins which purportedly led his wife to ask him to CUT me off..? Why didn’t her elders since then who were all our neighbours choose not to answer our emails to come forth to address the same to help bring this vitally needed unity and Peace for our Mother..?

What brand of Superiority in Christianity teaches people to DIVIDE and Cut up families….I decided to find out by applying the truth of Jesus’ Light into our lives and what I find is the staggering truth of why He cautions against ‘Wolves’ in our midst!!

This intentional cut up of the family of my Parents were engineered by people who thought that they were ripe for the CUT as they had 4 children to support them financially….but why should that be held against them when their flat was decided to be given to the youngest Son..? Then what other children share with their parents or not, should not be a consideration because they worked hard to give birth and raised all their children to be Graduates and earn their living…..Nobody compelled me to share with my parents, I did so of my own because I knew the Church taught me to be grateful and I did by sharing some of my time and the little gifts one shares in love as family……But then when our Mother became a Widow and needed real help to be sheltered economically, physically and emotionally, she should have been helped by this Son. So who stops him from knowing this truth as they live close to the DIVINE MERCY Church in Boston and where they frequently go for Worship…. Do they go to this Church as Syro-Malabars and if so what is this brand of religion which does not allow them to apply this Divine Mercy of Lord Jesus to this Mother, a Widow in our midst…..

What is this religion which leads my sister and her family to Lourdes to worship the Mother of Jesus and then leave our Mother sick and abandoned to not even call, leave alone visit…just as this sister from Dubai did not visit or even call her eldest brother as he lay sick in the hospital for the last 6 months of his life..? This brother had 20 years back, given his flat in Andheri, Mumbai, rent free – to this couple to live for 2 years before they left for Dubai….This brother had attended to the smallest wishes of our younger sister from his salary on his earnings in Mumbai before her Marriage and after Marriage when this brother started facing decline due to his Married Life, this couple moved away from the family….occasionally calling up when they are in need but when others are in need, they refuse to call or pick up calls….! and till date this daughter does not call up her old Mother who pines for her……

And the Widow of my brother Joy still lives in Seattle and her children are not graduated even as all the opportunities were available to take loans, work and study to make themselves worthy of a job as do most of the Americans. Needless to say, this widow and children do not stay in touch with their Granny or any of us…..we see the sorrow of my brother continues beyond the grave…..How did we a Christ abiding family, reach this level of separation and disconnect where we all go for Holy Mass to great Churches across the World but fail to hear the Message of a Poor Man, Jesus who had no wealth to distribute even as He came from God…but dispensed with all the wealth of Wisdom and knowledge for each one of our lives when it comes to our Soul, life and human property….!

But He also teaches not to despair but to get up to follow Him…and so I have the Right over my life and choose of my own free Will to do so and so I share this story of my family to be a – WITNESS lest I be termed a deserter ! I write OPENLY and PUBLICLY now after many failed attempts to overcome the many evils that beseech my family and the many opportunities we did and have to communicate and RESOLVE to unite and heal. This is possible through genuine repentance to AMEND ourselves to redeem – by following what the Church teaches, to grow to help build bridges and help grow the Body of Christ here on Earth.

Can a doctor heal if we do not share our illnesses or symptoms to him..? Can I ask the Church to help when none of the family is ready to call in a Priest or come to the Church for Counseling..? When we are spread across the globe and do not get up to obey Jesus, in this age of ‘Relativism’ we cannot compel anyone to do so, but I have control over my life and Choices and I choose to make some time to SEEK to know what is this Light of Jesus in the context of our daily lives and very pleasantly surprised again and again as He shares….to show the darkness within all around and how we can get up to dispel these by His Divine Light…And yes, I have to take Heart as He does caution that if the World chose to Hate Him, then I have to be acceptable of this Hatred against me…or of rather what I say and do in my life.

We “love the sinner, but persecute the sin.” This Light by this Cardinal does bring out the truth of Jesus’ Mission when He says He came not for the Righteous, but the Sinners. The sooner Mankind knows that Sins under any guise of ‘Superiority’ will not be allowed into His Kingdom, the better for us to dispense off all these trappings of COVET to obtain what does not belong to you. So if this Son of my Mother makes it plain that he will not take his Mother back to the US, he ought to tell her so that then she can sell of her flat and use it’s proceeds to live in Dignity either in a retirement Home or the home of her other family.

To avail of this flat without having taken care of this Mother’s sorrows or anxieites and intentionally keeping her away from her home is a ‘covet’. Neither he nor his family have any moral or legal right over this property of this Mother now after she dies… rather go to the innocent grandchildren many of whom are not in touch with this Granny because of the decsions of their Elders…. I condemn these Sins in my family and humbly pray and act to ‘hunt down the Sin’ for the Conversion of Sinners from their Sins…to true repentance and Healing. If this appears ‘as a trial’ to many, it is because I have to do so in the absence of the Church or Elders around to bring Wisdom and apply for the Understanding of all in this family. Charity begins at home….!

CARDINAL CAFFARRA: “….Instead, the Christian should “hunt down the sin,” he said, “track it down in the hidden places of its lies, and condemn it, bringing to light its insubstantiality.”

…The human story is a confrontation between two forces: the force of attraction, whose source is in the wounded Heart of the Crucified-Risen One, and the power of Satan, who does not want to be ousted from his kingdom.

The area in which the confrontation takes place is the human heart, it is human liberty.


The cardinal stressed that just as medicine “proposes the cure while excluding the illness,” so should we “love the sinner, but persecute the sin.” It would be a “terrible doctor,” he said, “who adopted an ironical attitude towards the disease.”

To combat Satan’s lies, Cardinal Caffarra stressed that the faithful are called upon to testify: to “announce openly and publicly” through such actions as this weekend’s March for Life in Rome, and to proclaim divine Revelation, speaking in particular of the “Gospel of Life and Marriage,” and doing so “as if in a trial.”


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