History, Mystery or Mystory


Love – A spiritual Commandment

“….There are some people who love their neighbors, drawn by blood relationship or by natural affection, and Scripture does not oppose this kind of love. But what we give freely and naturally is one thing, and the obedience we owe to the Lord’s commandments out of love is another. Those I’ve mentioned indisputably love their neighbors… but their love does not come from spiritual but from natural motives. Therefore when the Lord said: “This is my commandment, that you love one another”, he added immediately: “Just as I have loved you,” meaning, “You must love for the same reason that I have loved you…” Saint Gregory the Great (c.540-604), Pope

Ancient Mankind did not have the Blessings for story telling that we have today. As Man lived in groups and lit fires in the night cause lack of light after the Sun went down, it was time to talk and share with family and children, the adventures or mishaps of the day. Generally as the Men were away for hunting, their learning experiences of life was shared by the Elders with the family and the little grandchildren. So stories of individuals, communities and tribes were passed on through story telling and exchanges through communication in the midst of travel and transportation of goods. This is some of the History which we can read today because stories were preserved through ancient drawings, sketches and word of mouth. Gradually with the advent of papyrus, then paper and printing, story telling became a fascinating reality for many as Humanity spread and grew in numbers, each with their own exciting or tragedy, comedy or mundane of experiences. Aesop’s fables were instrumental in passing on morals to children through the characterization with animals and this appealed to many kids.

God leaves evidence of HISTORY by fossils of various Creations which were alive on this same Earth much before Man took a step on it. He then grants Man a magnificent Mind in a Body equipped with other sensory organs as well as the capacity to think and feel to make Good Choices. Man could then learn and share to pass on – good and bad..!

We then have Our Lord come at a time when God deemed it necessary to enlighten Mankind since all the Sins continued from the earlier times even after Moses was given the Ten Commandments. Jesus used parables to make Humanity understand many vital Morals pertaining to Natural Laws made by God for the Good of All. The essence of all these were LOVE…to share, to care and to help in the growth of one and all.

Even as most of the Ten Commandments seem simple to read, we see that much of the Word of God and His Son Jesus are a MYSTERY till we SEEK and then slowly it brings the LIGHT of comprehension in the midst of the darkness of our times as we each walk this earth, always at risk of being lured by satan and the many evils he brings to bring DIVISION in families and Communities. Yet, we see how Jesus enlightens and we today through the Internet can avail to enlighten ourselves in so many beautiful and Divine Guidance granted, to SEEK and unravel the various Mysteries of Our Mother of Jesus as so the SON.

In this era where today I am a grandmother, I seek and share some of ‘MYSTORY’ even as others may be busy to communicate with me or want to know my side of story of my family and my life with Christ because I am just as is termed by some – ‘A Housewife’.

Should that deter me for I was raised by a Man who knew the Bible enough to grant me his time and earnings to educate me to be an equal to any other on this earth. Am I talking of money, position or fame..? None, but I can use this medium of Internet for which I attended classes at the age of 37 on the insistence of another Man, my husband who similarly wanted to empower his wife as also his two daughters to be able to live and thrive on this earth in the midst of Men and Women to be able to SEEK, discern and make Good Choices.

Today I make it my Choice to use some time to write my testimony of my parents and how the Church enlightened me at many crucial moments of lives in the midst of raising two small daughters and being there to help make a difference, to some of the Needy in the family and the community. it was Good for them and it was Good for me. And equally, I find that lack of adherence to this Church by many who are family does affect me as it affected some members of my family.. Can I be a Hypocrite and pretend that everything is fine..?

The art of story telling today is amazing with the medium of Movies, Television, Books and of course the Internet. We are now at a beautiful time in History where we can avail of compiled moments across the World of Good and Bad. We can make discerned Choices with the help and guidance of the Church to make a difference in our families and communities. So even as today we have pornographic content which is used as lure for many through the medium of movies or the Internet, we also know then that it is also a great and effective medium to spread powerful Messages of Good. And many are just doing that and we are Blessed today that sitting at home we can avail of the minds of great thinkers, in the midst of their lives in their families be it anywhere in the World.

So even as Hollywood is known today across the World, it is a pleasant surprise today to read that a Bollywood (as is known the Mumbai film industry) movie – ‘Dangal’ a story of two female wrestlers in Hindi, the Official language of India is making more money at the Box-Office than the current ‘Hit’ of Hollywood, in China.

People irrespective of their nationalities, skin color or gender can relate to ‘CONTENT’ which touches one’s Heart.. This is Universal just as universal is the fact that we all have red blood coursing though us to keep us alive. Can anyone force us to buy a ticket and spend time in the theatres..? While we can argue that the power of ADVERTISEMENT today can make many go forth to do so, especially the children and ignorant youth ….after a while it is CONTENT that matters. Is it surprising that we now hear of a generation exposed to too much of pornography on the Internet, experiencing unpleasant negative side effects? God does know and He cautions and guides….even if these are consequences of a negligent community of Shepherds, Parents and Elders in our World for not addressing the wrongs as was seen in their midst even as we are Blessed with so much,  for we live today in a world of what is termed as ‘relativism’.

Where is CONFORMITY in the midst of this freedom granted for everyone to go ahead ignoring the Natural LAWS of the Almighty for the Good of one and ALL in the many Nations of this World?

So while Pakistan is maligned because of a few who have lost the Path of Humanity, it is awesome to be able to share the thoughts and experiences of enlightened minds in their midst and today which we can share through the powerful medium of TV and Internet. A thought-provoking TV show ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ based on a true story available on Netflix is though slow, very thought provoking and revealing of the depths of darkness within members of a family and community irrespective of following the same Religion, same land, Nation…etc. It shows the extent of Love and Sacrifice possible in a Heart that seeks the Almighty, as well as the depths of treachery of hypocrites who pray daily but fail to LOVE or SERVE even though they were all family.

When we travel to different parts of the World, we see different people, different flora and fauna. The Difference makes it beautiful and exciting for would we be happy if we just see apple trees all over the world and have to subsist only on apples? Would then Man be motivated to go and find other places if all look the same and have only apples..?

So being born in a Catholic family and raised among people of different faiths in India and then live in a Muslin country Abu Dhabi in UAE for 10 years and frequently visit Christian countries like USA and Australia, one gets to see patterns of life among people.

We are told to ‘Read the Signs of our times’…and I do! Why are Christian countries so orderly and clean? They are land granted by God just as all other countries. The difference then lies in the people and how they have trained themselves. Where do their Guidance come from ? So why is it different for India? I love my country just as I love so many other countries. It saddens to see and hear then my country being maligned publicly for its dirt and filth and lack of civic order among people. It further saddens that Christ reached India through Saint Thomas 2000 years before even as these countries of USA and Australia were not populated by so many..! Why didn’t Christianity spread in India as much as it should have….Here we then see that many Christians in Kerala, India got lured by social customs and traditions and politics of ‘Communism’ than CONVERT from their past to be followers and tools of Jesus to help bring change in themselves or all around, leave alone make the effort to spread His Message.

We see such Hypocrisies also in Christian, Hindu, Sikh, communities or any other, everywhere. Which just goes forth to show that which Jesus teaches, that He sees the Hearts on which He Judges – the Righteous through obedience while here on earth or the Sinners. There is the consideration of another vital factor – sharing in Words and deeds. If we just mouth the Words and lack in our deeds, then it becomes the contention of Hypocrisy which Jesus cautions……..But the important point is that He grants guidance to the Way of our lives here on earth, for Judgement comes only after we pass on from here to stand in front of Him. Till then He offers us the beautiful Gift of ‘Repentance’ to all of us Sinners as we go forth each day amidst the joys and sorrows of our daily lives……to SEEK and then ask…..

I make the Choice to get up everyday to SEEK and ASK for myself, our families, our countries, our World. I want my country to be a beautiful and clean land, abundant with so many natural Blessings in Resources. The people have to be taught to know Christ and bring His Good so that all get up to do the needful in their own homes and communities to bring effective changes which can be possible to make a difference. Can I just  mouth these Words and not start by making a difference in my own home and family ? Several prominent politicians and celebrities are in the process of using their Voice and commitment to make this change happen after visiting other countries and discern to see the difference.

Mother Mercy’s home and children were the talk of the community when we were young. Our small apartment where we 4 children grew up was kept clean and tidy by this Mother as our Father worked hard and long hours to bring in honest money for our education and growth.

Today Mother Mercy lives alone and is in sorrow at the loss of her elder Son and the lack of communication between the remaining children and families. No one will care to write this story, for my Mother is not a celebrity or rich and famous or bold and beautiful. She is a Widow of 78 who is shriveled and left to DIE in despair as Jesus’ Light has not been allowed to come into the hearts of many who can be counted as FAMILY even as all are Christians. But says Jesus to this daughter of this Widow to not let despair enter my heart, but get up with His Cross to share His Light with as many as possible through this awesome Gift of Communication so that this does not continue onto the next generation of workers in God’s kingdom in this family or in other families. Indeed we can all learn to SEEK within to know our Motives and its resultant Actions to discern whether it is for the Good of others also or just for oneself..!

” We Adore you and Praise you, because by your Holy Cross, thou hast Redeemed the World..”  A beautiful Christian Prayer…..I share in sheer Worship!

“..Those I’ve mentioned indisputably love their neighbors… but their love does not come from spiritual but from natural motives. Therefore when the Lord said: “This is my commandment, that you love one another”, he added immediately: “Just as I have loved you,” meaning, “You must love for the same reason that I have loved you..Saint Gregory

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