The Divine Ratio: The Work of human hands

Grant us wisdom


“……..and we do not spend that which we do not have.” This sound Christian doctrine can help us understand that we should not spend more than what we earn and fall in debt.

In the good old days it was the Men who ‘made up’ History. Today I write some of the things which I have learned and observed ever since I became a wife, Mother of two children and my husband who had to earn bread for the family by working overseas on an on-shore job which entailed being on rotation. Since this is no Mystery, I can choose to call it ‘Mystory’. A good part of our first 24 years of our married lives we were a couple, on rotation. And after 37 years of service and sacrifice my husband retired and today we can live as a couple – together in the joys and sorrows of life.

Divine providence – When I first reached Abu Dhabi to join my husband with our daughters in 2006 after 24 years of married life in Mumbai, I was stunned to see the greenery and orderliness in this tiny land in the midst of a desert. Eventually, it made me realise how God had already provided for us because even as my husband at the young age of 27 left his family, community and country to strike out a better life, God had already placed the oil and gas buried in the land of this magnificent country, millions and millions of years ago to enable him among others to have a job. And God put it into his Heart to seek out a better place …just as He does with so many to come out of their land of birth and trust in Him to go forth….

We cannot as a family fail then to thank the Wisdom of the Visionary Leadership of UAE – United Arab Emirates – who made it possible for millions of expats to come and work in their country and this benefitted and was for the Good of their country as well as the families of its citizens and the expatriate communities.

Often we find confused people who think that one is meant to live and die where one is born. If that was the case then America would not be one among this ‘Great Nations’ that God promised. We do know that most of the citizens here are migrants come here centuries ago and it is the hard Work of their Hands under the guidance of the Church of Christ, which enabled them to WORK and SUBJUGATE the abundance, the WORK of GOD  all around in RESOURCES for their own Good and the Good of many since then.

The Church has specific Teachings regarding WORK, INCOME and how to use them for the Good of the person, family and communities building up a Nation. So if some countries prospered with an orderly growth we see why America is called the Greatest Nation on earth today. If God chose to give Humanity the Ten Commandments on the Mount of Sinai and not America,  it was not that the land of America did not exist. We see then how God has a plan for Humanity and how He leads Humanity forth from Nation to Nation across the Earth in His time.

When Man learns to obey the Divine Commandments, we see how good it can be for the country as a whole made up by obedient families. But then came the culture of Hollywood, Television, Internet and what was and could be used for the growth of Good, was used and abused by many who did not want to be obedient so we see how the moral decline in defiance of the Church today brings America on the verge of a Nuclear War.

Could the Church have been a better Shepherd and caution the sheep of the Wolves among us as we live in families, communities to enable the people to seek and learn in the ways of the Church be it as individuals, families or communities?  We can see how adherence to the Church regarding earning and then spending roughly in the ration 40:30:20:10 where the 10 is the tithe to be given to the Church can be extended from the family – to the communities or Nations of the World. So if we all obey the Church and educate ourselves every way, then Man and Woman can both contribute to WORK which can mean being paid WORK or WORK to – TEACH EACH FAMILY MEMBER TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE TOTAL FAMILY WELFARE.

Right and effective guidance from the Good Shepherds in the Churches can make America and other affluent countries to use this 10% of their income to share with those Nations which are not Blessed with adequate resources even as the people can continue in debating about the effectiveness of using this ratio. When the problems of starvation of millions of people can be addressed and the poor and Needy educated to ‘fish & earn’ for themselves then we see less chances of remaining in ignorance or be used for the vicious vendetta of some who think that they are entitled to ‘some’ without having to work for it. Why then spend billions and billions on war or ‘Guns’…when this amount can be effectively used as teaches the Church for helping and raising the Needy as Good Samritans?

We see why Our Lady came to caution against Russia. Yes, we do know today that God made the land of Russia and it has immense resources and able talented people who can contribute for the greater Good. But Communism played it’s part due to the negligence of people to learn from the Church as also the Church to do its part of being a Good Shepherd which calls for vigilance at all times and taking the Gospel forth to every part of the World.  Timely good counsel when we see things go wrong have to be addressed in order to curb the evil. Why did Jesus after prayers go and address every evil in the community openly  – that can affect Humanity? And goes forward then to caution us of Hypocrites and Wolves in our midst?

We often used to hear about BULLYING and its many evils be it schools, colleges or communities. It is wisely said that if we stand up to a BULLY, they usually back off because bullying comes from a lack of self-worth brought on by various emotional issues. So while the bully has problems, he or she then inflicts problems onto other innocent children or people and the problems then gets confounded and compounded.

The new approach advised by the Church in tackling ‘bullying’ is wise. How can we deny there is a problem and then expect help or resolve amicably? So talking and learning to deal with issues rather than trying  to hide and put on a brave face is a better Christian approach and option. We all do need to acknowledge our weaknesses, sins and problems. This will greatly help in getting rid of ‘DIRTY LAUNDRY’ which we tend to pile up behind closed doors and instead REPENT and then AMEND to have a clean heart to go forth in living life in all it’s abundance to bring growth and healing within ourselves, families and Nations…

Why amass ammunitions and atrocious amounts of earnings to send innocent young men and women to WAR..? Why defy the Ratio taught by the Church of how to spend from one’s earnings to meet the needs, comforts and if possible – luxuries for the good of all in the family? Isn’t the way of the Church a better option for Man and Woman to be educated, earn, pay tax, tithe, share and care as couples and have children to ‘Practice what you Preach’ and raise them up as the next RIGHTEOUS inheritors to be and work for the Kingdom of God here on earth before we are judged to eternal hope to be found WORTHY..!

In creating man and woman, God instituted the human family and endowed it with its fundamental constitution. Its members are persons equal in dignity. For the common good of its members and of society, the family necessarily has manifold responsibilities, rights, and duties.

…The family should live in such a way that its members learn to care and take responsibility for the young, the old, the sick, the handicapped, and the poor. There are many families who are at times incapable of providing this help. It devolves then on other persons, other families, and, in a subsidiary way, society to provide for their needs: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”12

When we have Governance made up – of Righteous people, by the people and for the people – we can use the Ratio of earning to meet one’s needs but also be there for the Needy. So if America today is the largest donor on earth to other poorer Nations, it is because God has Blessed this Land and equally the past generations have contributed by the work of their hands to have a moral system where they paid tax, paid their tithe and build a marvelous GREAT NATION which was good for so many. But as always when things are plenty and people live in Paradise….enters the serpent to lure. There is no doubt that some have lost their way in their quest for personal happiness and satisfaction above all other things, which is directly opposed to being humble enough in gratitude to SERVE for the Good of all in a community.

So continuing from the link on the top, I quote for further reflection –

“..Human communities are made up of persons. Governing them well is not limited to guaranteeing rights and fulfilling duties such as honoring contracts. Right relations between employers and employees, between those who govern and citizens, presuppose a natural good will in keeping with the dignity of human persons concerned for justice and fraternity…”     –    Blessed are the PeaceMakers ……    –    A link to show some Causes of Division.

Mother Mercy’s eldest Son was one of the pioneers in the advent of Computer era. He reached the shores of the US in 1990, rose to becoming one of the top earners in his field in the Industry and in 2000 I received a call from him, in India where I resided with my family in Mumbai….He said he was broke and was down to his last 50 dollars as he lived with his wife and 3 young children in Seattle!

Should I have left him to his plight or as an Elder sister help him to be able to support him back to his feet..! Why were my other two married siblings not available to be consulted and help this sibling or now our Mother – a Widow..! We all are Christians and yet there is no move to reconcile or build up bridges to gap the DIVIDE. Where are the PeaceMakers?

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