Our Lady and Communism


Why is Our Lady talking about Russia..?


We see from the Christian context which was taught by Jesus that Man has to live by Natural Laws. Natural and Law..? Even though it seems a contradiction, that fades when we SEEK and learn of the Divine Being who made the Nature for us ….and then in His infinite Wisdom teaches us – our Boundaries as we have to learn to co-exist with one another to SUBDUE Nature for our Good and the Good of All.

 The Bible teaches that we ought to get up and work before we eat. So even as humanity evolves it is a truth brought to us by Scientists who needs evidence for everything. But please do reflect here that it is God who wills that we SEEK to know His work for us and that involves all the Brains, Hearts and our Bodies on this Earth, His Creation. So if we have astronomers from ancient times looking at the sky in wonder in the night after the SAME SUN that we see today, disappears regularly to have darkness everywhere, is it that the darkness is created or that Light was created to dispel darkness..?

We had ancient people worshipping the Sun for all the warmth and light it brought to enable them to see with God gifted eyes to not only subsist of Nature that was laid out before he set his steps on this earth, but also learn to lookout for the dangers.. In due course they learned to live in communities as it provided better protection against the dangers of the night or in the daytime as COVET came in the hearts slowly and surely.

Man initially had to hunt and thus it was the women who were left back in the community to raise and look out after the young ones. In due time the young ones had to be taught the skills essential for their survival. As settlements increased there had to be LAWS to ensure the RIGHTS and DUTIES for one and all. All religion started with Goodness to ensure the safety and well-being for all. This is why God allows all Religions till He sent His Son once and for all, with Teachings for the Guidance for All, when those with Covet in spite of their ‘Religion’ increased in numbers.

Jesus came with the Teachings meant for all Humanity, He classifies people as either ‘Righteous’ or ‘Sinners’. This has to be based on observance of some basic solid Foundation. So if Peter is the ROCK on which this Foundation is set up for all times, those who follow it in their daily lives will be a ‘Christian ‘in Action. For it is the same Lord Jesus who cautions us that just by saying Lord, Lord….we are not His Followers. He further states that if we DENY Him, He will deny us if we have failed to obey His Heavenly Father who sent Him for the whole of Humanity.

So in the DGO of 16th May, 2017 I write this after duly reading and understanding that which is being sent to me and others for guidance.


We see from the commentary of Blessed Columba Marmion (1858-1923) that –

“One of the main reasons why we lose our peace of soul is that we desire something, we fix our hearts on some object without knowing whether God wants it or not, and so, when an obstacle opposes our desires, we worry about it, we move away from conformity to his holy Will and lose our peace…”

  • Whether God wants it or not..! How do we know that if we fail to SEEK before we get up to ACT?
  • We move away from Conformity to His Holy Will…! How do we know to CONFORM if we do not know His Will or His Way ?
  • lose our peace…”  We can see why there is such lack of Peace in the World and Our Lady had to come in 1917 to caution Humanity against Communism for it works against the natural Laws set by God for all. And we see how places where communism reigns as is the will of some the people there, it does bring untold suffering for many innocent people because they get abused and denied of their Basic Rights to work and avail for themselves what should be natural as God’s Laws.

And indeed seeing that some can have privileges by denying and subjugating others, it becomes a LURE for countless others to follow so, for it gives one riches that for which we have not worked or earned..! This is a Sin and we then understand why God granted Humanity the TEN Commandments to help for our daily guidance among families and community.

Man continued in Sins…and Jesus came ‘NOT to ABOLISH’ the Ten Commandments – but to FULFILL them. He showed that by having a heart of love, one will get down to serve and so we see one Star, our Sun burn and suffer daily to provide us Light ….and Humanity has this Son – Jesus who suffered to provide us Light within our own darknesses in the Heart from which then comes forth through our daily small deeds and Actions….or lack of it. We will know the difference when we SEEK this Light.

It is so very true then that He who had every Wisdom granted to Him…bowed down in such love and tenderness to wash the feet of others around Him after denying the devil who came to tempt Him. How can anyone say he or she is His follower and DENY in Actions in their daily lives to emulate Him in sacrificing some – to be there for the Needy in our midst?

How can this Mother Mercy be denied of her basic Rights as a Widow ? How can her children be denied the basic freedom and right to communicate with each other and their Mother to help bring PEACE..? So who denies these Rights to a Christian family?

While do we hear about Christians being persecuted elsewhere on the planet, it is so sad and disgusting to see that this abuse of this Widow Mercy, is by none other than Christians in our midst..! How can I then preach to the World without addressing the splinters and logs in the eyes of our own family?

While I have approached the Church in Seattle, Chicago, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai, I see the reality that they do have to meet the needs of people far more Needy in our midst. For even though one son of Mother Mercy is not in our midst, the other children of Mother Mercy are all capable of leading a good Christian life by obeying to CONFORM as they have many Blessings showered on them. Do we have a Right to abuse our Blessings and our Rights or deny others their Rights and Blessings?

We are not able to meet or communicate because obstacles or the infamous ‘WALL’ that threatens to be built to DIVIDE people on this earth, has been time and again set up in this family and we do know that this does not come from the Teachings of Christ – but lack of adherence of it in spite of everyone being Sunday Christians..and we have so many Elders in the family.

However, as we see from the link above, Our lady offers an antidote to the many Sins that we see all around, including our own selves and families and so we PRAY, Confess and Sacrifice some ……especially time and effort to SEEK

‘ …….and Everything is to be offered to make reparation for sin…….The Fatima message told us explicitly that the alternative to penance is a terrifying punishment.  The path to salvation was put before us. And if we do what Our Lady asks, she will fulfill her promise that: “In the end my Immaculate Heart would triumph. ” 










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