Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

” Man is dependent on his Creator, and subject to the laws of creation and to the moral norms that govern the use of freedom…”


On being entrusted to His Disciples, She becomes the Mother of all Men. So all Men have to take care of their Mothers..!

Now this is easy if a Mother has one son or child, for there are less grounds of dispute till the child gets married..! Then the wisdom and action of the coming together of two families will have an impact on the well-being of the Mother as well as all the family on both sides. Here we have to note that we are talking of all members being understood as having one source of Guidance – the Wisdom and Grace of Love in our Hearts – to SERVE in Actions. So if both families are obedient Christians – why should there be any Divide to cause such a Chasm..which in our family refuses to Heal or bridge in spite of our dedicated efforts to help reconcile as teaches the Church, through our Leader Jesus.

For thousands of years before Jesus and His Mother, the World was run and dictated by Men and very few can today deny that Women were not subjugated. The horrors of a Widow irrespective of her age in society before then, was innumerable and we from India do know that it took the British, to bring in laws to abolish ‘Sati’. This was an evil practice evolved over a period of time to maybe abstain from the responsibility of having to feed and take care of a Woman whose husband dies…She is considered to be a burden.

While it was horrifying enough to know that an old Woman could be forced to end her life by being lit alive on the pyre of her dead husband, it is more haunting to know that young girls at very tender ages could not have the choice of life, but be forced by an ignorant era to be burned to death. And then we learn of group of women being forced to share a Man as husband, again because of the condition of ignorance and needs of that time. Similarly compiled reports of the abuse of Women can today be availed thanks to technology and information shared by recorded History and the advent of Computers.

The Bible is the recorded History of thousands of years of the ‘Word of God’ granted for the guidance of His creation. So it’s stories of the obedience or lack of it by Men, Women and children and it’s consequences is an ongoing battle of Humanity as we learn to ‘Read the Signs of our times.’ We are told to read the ‘WORD’ and then discern as we connect with the World of our times to be able to walk forth in the daily grind of life to stay on the path. Reflecting on this and in this life granted to me now, I am humbled by the awesome truth and the help provided by Jesus to stay on this for my own good and the Good of ALL concerned in my life.

We know today that Man is very much dependent on His Creator and it takes one disaster for many to run to PRAY whereas when one is strong and affluent or poor in ignorance, we fail to SEEK, leave alone PRAY and OBEY. We then see how “..Man refuses to be Subject to the Natural Laws of Creation or to the moral norms that govern the use of freedom..”

On a recent long distance flight, with the marvel of technology, I could empathize with the agonies of Widows in Calcutta aired on a show on the entertainment channel. So while I today, as a Woman can avail of so many things that I would like to eat, it was again a horrifying truth to hear a Widow display a dish made of cauliflower – as delicious as it was horrifying – to know that it was the only tasty dish she could have because all meat and fish were forbidden from her life as she was a Widow ! God or – Man made decision?

Could this decision have been hers or was it being thrust on women by ignorant Men and Women of her times and before, passed on as tradition? A little reflection leads us to know that it could have been also the factor of ‘counting the cost’ when it comes to making do for those seemingly in power..! The power of money and position. Be it the decision of the parents of the husband who died or the decision of the relatives involved, in an enlightened era we know that these are ABUSE of Rights of human beings. And this Widow as countless others were subjugated to follow some tradition and culture of the – past in darkness.

When did Enlightenment come? We are taught of how Jesus sees the Widow putting her coins in the midst of extreme poverty to give her share of the tithe… Moreover, time and again the Words of God coming in now through the DGO – DAILY GOSPEL, cautioning us to take care of the Widows and orphans in our midst as He hears their cries. We see how Jesus shares important Wisdom to Women as well as Men. We see how Mary Magdalene is granted the First Vision of Jesus and then she is given the honor of taking this awesome Message of the Resurrection to other Men and Humanity. We see how God grants the most important Duty to a Woman – Mother Mary to bring forth and raise the Son of God to fulfill His Mission of Truth for all Humanity.

We will then see of how since then it is not all Men who can grant that DIGNITY to a Woman as a Creation of God. It was and is an ongoing evolvement with a lot of struggle and sadly women too subjugated other women. We need Men and Women to be led by Christ to know the truth of recognising and helping women to be as equals created by God to work for the Kingdom of God.

I am Blessed because I am born of a Christian Man, my Father Mr. Alexander Pereira hailing from a small village in Kerala where Christianity first reached India 2000 years back when Saint Thomas landed on its shores. His life then led by his Choice of following the Bible in Actions has made great contribution to my life as a daughter, Mother, wife….to being an obedient Christian by Choice. I have made it my Choice to participate and willingly cooperate to bring Jesus’ Message to as many as possible today, with this Gift of Internet from God even as Priests are alarmingly dwindling all over the World.

But as advises our Pope Francis, we women as Mothers and Grandmothers can do a lot in our families to spread the Gospel in Words and Actions, I can surely help to bring Dignity to my Mother Mercy by bringing the Truth to my siblings. So if my brother cannot take back his Mother to his house in the US where she did have a Green Card and Health Insurance, she ought to be told the truth. But what is TRUTH today for a Woman with impaired memory functions..! She cannot travel overseas today because her passport has also lapsed. If there were problems in the family as there are all over the World, the Church sheds its Light by teaching us to talk and RESOLVE to help the Needy, reconcile families and thereby the Church.

What is the problem in the Son’s home that did not let this Mother want to continue living there? Why couldn’t she communicate to her other children and grandchildren across the World? We could all have come together to approach and help reconcile. When I saw the Dignity granted to the Women who came in as wives to my brothers by my Parents, I saw their honesty where they did not find it necessary to differentiate between their daughters or daughters – in – law as was the norm we often see in other families. So obviously neither did we children want to live any other way…..but there came deep RIFTS and DIVIDES which obviously were small enough to start with and could have been resolved with timely HELP from Elders as advises the Church..!

Here the Church teaches that if one has a difference with one’s sibling, to first go and talk personally to resolve and then go forth for Worship. Our problem is that we siblings are all scattered across the World. Should that be a curse or Blessing? Considering that today technology and money can bridge gaps in the vast expanse of our Earth, I tried, again and again and then resorted to the second step as teaches the Church, to go and talk to the Elders in the midst…..I tried and was then shocked to know that people who became family after Marriage and who frequently visited our homes in the neighborhood in Mumbai stopped communicating without giving a chance for clarification or redemption.

They were not reachable, even as in the community they helped other families as Counselors and Preachers in the name of Christ to help bring Peace through Unity brought in by their counseling ! They gathered to Honor the statue of Our Mother Mary together as Community and yet fail to acknowledge the problems of this Mother Mercy in their midst.

How can Christians of the same Church – Our Lady of Perpetual Succour – Chembur, Mumbai taught by the excellent preaching of Redemptorists priests, be so Divided.

I leave you folks now to digest this situation as I get up now to go forth in my day as we are engaged also in the help of another Needy in our midst, our child who last year was diagnosed with cancer and was Blessed with the most amazing of Graces by complete strangers in this awesome land of America…..even as our Mother was taken away from America to live far away from most of her family…..to be frequently sick by the stress of her loneliness and anxieties seeing the deep DIVIDE in her family of 4 children where today one son is dead and his family does not communicate with this Mother…Does a GrandMother have a Right to be in touch with her grandchildren?

On this Mother’s Day, I request prayers for this Mother as she writes for Prayers for her daughter as well as for her Mother, Mercy. I did not create this hierarchy but I do know today that I am a daughter and a Mother and both those Choices were made for me, by God. I am called to obedience to be there to help these Needy in our midst but physically I am not given the power to be in two continents at the same time. But my Mother can be helped to travel to be with family by her own financial strength without feeling the indignity of being left to the Charity of others, even if they maybe her own children.

Economic independence is a truth and need for all. All Men and Women should be helped to grow to their full potential to participate and Work for the Good of All.
What can the Church do about helping our family considering that we are all far away from each other, yet have Jesus as our Leader?  I am taught to have faith and trust that all these Sufferings are for the greater Good of All…….and I see the truth of the observation below” Where Sin increased, grace abounded all the more..”

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “There is nothing to prevent human nature’s being raised up to something greater, even after sin; God permits evil in order to draw forth some greater good. Thus St. Paul says, ‘Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more’; and the Exsultet sings, ‘O happy fault,. . . which gained for us so great a Redeemer!'”308

United we stand, Divided we fall                                                         ………. to be continued

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