Washing of the Feet……to SERVE

washing of feet“…Pope Francis has decreed that from now on, the people chosen for the washing of the feet in the liturgy of Holy Thursday may be selected from all the People of God, and not only men and boys…….Since being elected Pope, Francis has visited prisons to wash the feet of women inmates as well as men on Holy Thursday. He has also washed the feet of Muslims…” 


We see how the Work of the evolution of Humanity goes on, led by God through His Son Jesus. We have the Works of the Head of the Catholic Church – Pope Francis leading his Sheep by Actions following the Faith – by the Work of the Holy Spirit.

As Pope Francis prays and reflects, he is led to know the Divine Truth of Jesus granted by God for one and all. And so please see the link above for the full text and context of the meaning of the Washing of the Feet that we Christians see every year on Maundy Thursday in Churches where we gather to commemorate the Truth of what Jesus showed by Action 2000 years ago and for which he was Crucified and then killed……

What did He teach that so upset the people and the Superiors around …to want to kill Him? This reflection is vital as we SEEK to learn and understand why it was so necessary for Jesus to come at that time and why we are here today where some are benefitted tremendously to have Rights as human Beings to be able to Voice our thoughts freely whereas in other places where Jesus is not yet known, we have the Rights of many men, women and children so horribly subjugated or denied that it leads us right back to the era of ignorance such as was before Moses came down with the Tablet of the Ten Commandments given by the Maker, who made All.

Sadly, we realise that then that the Teachings and Sacrifice of Jesus has not made its way into the hearts of many who come to the Church to SEE the Washing of the feet enacted every year by the Pope as also the Priests in every Church around the globe. So what is missing?

A Good Shepherd does not have all the skills right at birth. He learns by experience from his elders shared and then he learns some on his own. And thus he gains in confidence and strength to improve his skill in making sure that he is there for the needs and protection of his sheep.

So when we have our Pope showing in Actions that he believes as Jesus in washing and serving God’s people, it comprises of Men, Women and children of all Faith. He showed how he washed the feet of Women as also Muslims…! Why shouldn’t the rest of his followers do the same….to see humans in Humanity!

As long as we go to Church to be just a spectator to watch all that goes on there and come back unchanged in our hearts and Minds….we are not in the process of Conversion. This change is vital to the growth of every human being and the reason Jesus calls us to His Church is to initiate and keep this process on….and we see how our Pope reflected and is wisely making great efforts to bring together Humanity.

In this great Conversion we see how we Christians chosen to be Baptized are called to be His Followers in ACTION through obedience. In the families where we are placed or in the communities we are placed as we move on to help in the growth of our children, we see the need to seek and learn the Basics and the Fundamental Truth of what Jesus teaches and this will greatly help Our Pope to achieve that which Jesus teaches us.

His Message for every creature of God has to reach them by the great effort of those Baptized…..to help in achieving this Love of Jesus towards each and every fellow creatures on earth, come from God, Our Heavenly Father …We ought to love and show in Actions the same to all Humanity.

This plan for Humanity gets thwarted again and again when the Christians themselves remain ignorant. And thus Christianity is reduced to ATTENDANCE in Church rather than being ATTENDANT. And this does cause lot of problems especially as I see how this affected the Family of my parents, where my Father in spite of being a hardworking sincere, honest Christian, died in sorrow. My brother Edwin younger than me, a hardworking Man joyous by nature as his name ‘ Joy’ as he was affectionately called at home, die at the age of 54.

It is heartbreaking for an eldest sibling from India who has seen our Parents, Christians in Action at home and in the community as well as this brother who reached the heights of his work in the Computer field in the 1990s – then die heartbroken and penniless in the United States of America. He was left even by his own siblings and family..!!

While we can say that many die on the roads of India homeless, abandoned….I cannot accept this as a standard and not do anything about it. Would I want my children or grandchildren to abandon family if they are in NEED?

While I am unable to reach to communicate with my other siblings and their families for the past two decades, it has left its mark on us and especially this Mother of mine – Mercy. And she had left her family in the US in spite of having a Green Card and Health Insurance, to go back to the small flat that belonged to our Father…where she is today at the mercy of the neighbours’ time and compassion to be taken to the doctors or hospitals.

This is not due to the lack of teachings by the Good Shepherds/Priests in the Church, but INSPITE of it…!! That is not IGNORANCE, but just ARROGANCE of being Superior to not get down to ‘WASH the feet ‘ or SERVE the Needy in our midst by love and CARE.

For I as the eldest and a regular Church goer had heard again and again of how we have to live in the midst of family and community …..and shared it regularly as is my Christian Duty to share the Good News. But as we were cut off as ‘inferiors’ and for sharing these Divine Truth I resorted to writing by emails. There was no compulsion on anyone to read, leave alone ACT on them but they sure cannot say that I did not CARE to SHARE that of which Jesus did care to Share with one and All, to bring Peace and Healing for the Good of ALL.

My Mother today is denied her – Right to Choice based on TRUTH. For she can hear the truth if all come together and discuss and try to RESOLVE as teaches the Church. Today we have the Internet to facilitate communication and stay in touch even as we all have to migrate to help in the growth of our children. Our own parents migrated from Kerala to Mumbai to help in our education and thereby growth.

Spiritual Growth is the need for Conversion and that we can bring about if only we make the Good Choice of SEEKING Jesus in the midst of wherever we are placed for God has made it easy for one and all through the powerful tool of the Internet even as Churches are closing down or the Priesthood community is drastically coming down. Grandmothers and Mothers can step up as shares wisely our Pope Francis and I sure can share some to help our children and grandchildren lest they become objects of others Ignorance.

We have to be the tools of Jesus for change all around but it always starts with His Teaching – ‘Charity begins at home.’ But as again wisely reflected by our Pope Francis – please reflect –

‘Charity begins at home, but must not stop there’

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