Happy Feast – Our Lady of Fatima

“Charity begins at home, but must not stop there “- Pope Francis

The importance of this wise guidance by Pope Francis and the Truth that Our Lady, Mother of Jesus shared in Fatima 100 years back by appearing to three children cannot be undermined.

it is very important for every Christian to know the Message of this Mother who shares Her agony at seeing the continued Sins of Humanity in spite of the Sacrifice of Her Son and Herself – to share the DIVINE TRUTH meant for All.

How will this Message reach all considering that it was given to  Chosen FEW with the Instructions  to spread and many of us have not –


Why does the Lady speak of Russia and communism in 1917 ? It is important for us then to SEEK to know WHY?


Communism—”The Errors of Russia”  – “…Communism is an atheistic ideology that ultimately denies God’s natural order and natural law, which God inscribed on the hearts of men. Denying God, Communism attaches divinity status to the Party and to the State. As such, Communism transfers all personal responsibility to the Party and totalitarian state. Denying natural law, Communism rejects the basic rights to private property, and monogamous, indissoluble marriage two indispensable pillars of a free society. Dictatorship is not a chance fact in Communism, but the logical and necessary consequence of its ideology. For strategic reasons, Communism may take on different political forms, including apparently democratic ones, and hide behind varied labels. Already in the 1930’s, the Communist Party launched the so-called policy of the extended hand, in which it showed to the outside world a smiling, friendly face while, Stalin’s iron hand imposed a ferocious, despotic dictatorship in Russia…”

Many of us may not understand the concepts of Communism v/s Democracy, the political connotations or its relevance with ‘Religion’ as most of us think of Religion with only pertaining to going for obligatory Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days…or FASTING on appropriate days to ask and obtain – never ‘obedience to CONFORM’ for the larger pattern of the ‘Good of ALL.’

When the Lady stresses the need for the end of Communism, we see from its detailed explanation of which I have copied an excerpt above, that it all amounts to ‘MONEY’ and the greed in some Humans to Worship ‘Mammon’ the god of money than Worship the Creator – God Almighty, which teaches the Church as loving Him through our Actions in our families and communities to Work, Share and Care.

We see the HYPOCRISY of some as they make it good for themselves at the cost of time, work and lives of countless others…! When they deny the Dignity of Life, Rights, or the CHOICE to any of His Creation, it is a Sin and is seen by God. When it happens in large numbers He sends guidance and as we see in History – Moses, then Jesus and along the years the countless apparitions of Jesus or Mary, we know that the Sins of many are hurting Jesus as well as many of His brothers and sisters around and but naturally it hurts the MOTHER of Jesus – Our Mother Mary.

If God has made us each and also granted Resources from billions of years back…..and detailed Teaching to SUBJUGATE NATURE for our Good, it is we see then the Truth that Jesus brings after Man’s many Sins to fail to comply – that when we do follow Jesus, it is for our Good and the Good of ALL. Here the vital understanding is to also SUBDUE and SUBJUGATE our own Nature to conquer our EGO and ignorance.

So the excesses of Russian leaders in the past were not very well-known to the public because of the restrain by the powerful on coverage. Did this abuse of a nation happen overnight …or is it the result of centuries of lack of effort of those who were entrusted the Mission of Christ for – Christ came and taught 2000 years back..!

The ongoing Mission of Christ is indeed slow and this wrecks havoc on many Humans of those not only who were victims but we see the colossal loss when we talk of the Souls onward journey which then goes to the awful and fearsome VISION of Hell showed by Our Lady to warn those who do not obey..!!  Her Son Jesus came to teach so that ALL would be Saved instead of being taken away from the kingdom of God.

So if it is true that we each have come here without our CHOICE….it is equally true then that we indeed are given the WISDOM to make an informed CHOICE by participation here on this Earth granted for each one of us to CONFORM to the Teachings of Jesus – for our collective Good.

If we today see how a Nation has been changed by the efforts of some after the Apparition in Fatima of Our Lady with Her guidance to get back to Her SON, we can also help our own families by making Good Choices for the Good of All. We know it matters wherever we are placed and I cannot fail to see how our Mother – Mercy could and should be helped to have the love and protection of her children in her old age.

If today all her children and grandchildren are doing well, it is because of the effort of this Mother and other Mothers. But whereas other Mothers have their families around, this Mother does not, for her children are far away taking care of the growth of their own children. So why should Mother Mercy be left back in india where she has to depend on the kindness of neighbours to take her to the Doctor or Hospital..or even share her anguish and sorrow which she is unable to share with her own children? Who stops her children from coming together to communicate to RESOLVE – as teaches the Church considering that all are Baptized Christians. This is blatant disobedience of the Church. And being an Elder by age and guiding my siblings seemed not to work as none of the families communicate..and each passing day is a day of loneliness and despair for this Widow.

She was deprived of her Green card and Health Insurance in the US and we know she was not aware of its importance or its many benefits. So whereas she today ask bitterly if she is an unwanted ‘beggar’ the truth of the matter is that she fails to realise her own Rights..!! She wants her Dignity..!!!

And it is my aim to grant her at least that for if her Son and family who made the unilateral decision to ‘obey’ this Mother to take her back without consulting or talking to her other 3 children alive then around the World equipped with all means of communication, then she needs to know that she can have Dignity and money for her own needs. Why should she put to this misery of being made to feel unloved and unwanted to live off the charity of her children?

She can live off her own means by selling off her flat and properties in Kerala to put that amount in LIC – Life Insurance corporation of India – which along with the Indian Government today, realises the abandonment of many an OLD as children migrate…! This offers her a tidy amount each month to live and meet her own expenses and she can then chose to live with any of her children and be able to travel or communicate with family friends around the World without feeling that she has her rights curtailed by some.!! She can decide to live with her daughters or Son to be able to get her due shelter and love without feeling the indignity of being handed over from family to family. After her time, the principal amount goes back to the nominee which can be shared with all the grandchildren.

And I know this is a story of many a family in India…except that not many chose to talk, leave alone raise an Issue about the same. My Mother’s granddaughters’ have raised the Issue in public because they have seen their Parents fight this issue in the family for more than a decade, to no avail. So they have taken matters into their hands to share with the Community so that this Granny is at least protected and saved due to the awareness in the community, that she is being denied her Basic Rights which in India is not a big issue as much as it is in the US.

Why does the US have LAW and Protection for the Rights of the Aged and.. All ? Why did Jesus on the Cross entrust His Mother to the Disciple John..? On this earth, Mother Mary was deemed to be born as a Woman and Jesus shows that a Woman needs shelter and protection in her old age. On being entrusted to His Disciples, She becomes the Mother of all Men. So all Men have to take care of their Mothers..!

So even as we see Our Lady as an Apparition since then, able to guide humanity through countless appearances in different parts of the World, please do reflect why the Bible through the Church constantly teaches us that God asks us to take care of the WIDOWs and ORPHANS in our midst….

Lady of Fatima, forgive us our Sins and help us repent and then get up to Amend our Ways to walk in the Path led by your Divine Son – Jesus.

……….to be continued

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