Faith…A Gift of God


Seek, ask,knock

“..Seek and you shall find…..”

What is this Faith that we talk about, but know very little… except when we start Seeking!

Seeking first started from my youth when realization struck after I became a Mother, with a small baby girl in my arms. The enormity of the truth that I was in charge of the daily growth of this little one seemed daunting. My husband had a job which frequently took him away from home.

Knowing my own weaknesses and many failings, it was then I realized it was a Blessing to have one’s Parents’ and family to guide us through the delicate process of raising a child. In this process I also learnt the hard way that I too was this tiny, with no knowledge or Wisdom about anything ….except be SELFISH and cry to have my Needs met…! And many of my timely needs were met by my Parents because they did SEEK and live by this Faith of Jesus.

Needless to say, I was then not obviously left to remain selfish and this by the selfless ACTS of my Parents daily, to ensure that I grew up to have some values instilled to make me civilized enough to live among families in the community.

We often read the News of people who are behind bars because they are found unfit to live among people in a community. We then also are taught in the Church of the necessity of Conversion to be found Worthy – if we can be found ‘Worthily Fit’ to be invited to an Eternal life ahead with none other than Jesus. This is possible in the Heavenly kingdom of God, Who we can see is indeed the Creator of this universe.

Did He need my affirmation to this fact or from anyone else for that matter..! I am taught this and today know this after Our Lord accepted in Obedience to come and teach these profound Truth to all of mankind. It came at a cost, great cost of Sacrifice. So even as all are different with individual traits, eventually Man and Woman is called to CONFORM in Unity to walk in the Way shown by this Son of God. The earlier we participate the earlier will be the day when all knees shall bow to Jesus to follow Him.

Before Moses and Jesus, Man did find it necessary to be grateful and also seek for help and protection and we see then the growth of ‘Religion’ across the earth when they started worshipping that which they saw through their senses. So we had the Sun, the Moon and the deities of so many other that which could be made by human hands – to worship. But the classification Jesus brought to Humanity is ‘Righteous’ v/s ‘Sinners’

I give this testimony today because I realise all that He has made possible for every human long before any Man walked on the shores of this magnificent Creation. I am Blessed that He chose us to be able to then walk in His Ways even after failing so many times. It is the least I can do now to be able to Share with this awesome Internet so that others too find strength and refuge in Jesus to be able to walk on in the midst of much tribulations.

It is today not a surprise or a shock to know why some deny the Almighty or His Son Jesus – either from ignorance or from sheer arrogance. Ignorance cannot be an excuse because even though we do not have a Choice of where we are born, or the families where we are placed, but since then, we do have a Choice to SEEK and LEARN to Grow.

Arrogance is a state where we have met our Needs and then reaching a certain affluence, think we have done all these by our own selves..! This is PRIDE and it indeed is the start of FALL unless one learns the humility of SEEKING…..What a gift is Repentance to a sinful heart. To be able to go to another human – in Jesus and Confess our many failings to be renewed and go forward without the burden of guilt is an awesome Gift often unused or misused by so many. It does so good to have a lighter heart which then can learn and know more each day to let Jesus increase in us.

We have many Scientists and reputed personalities who deny Creation and credit their brain and thinking for discovering certain aspects of Life or space, or talent. It is a lack of humility which makes them not be grateful to be alive on earth without their ‘choice’ – of being born….or the magnificent Gift of our own Bodies. A Body with a Brain and Heart to discern that which we take in through our sensory organs through which we stay connected to this Earth and the Universe to know that there is a DIVINE Presence. This is Faith …it lacks definition to be felt or seen by our senses, but is so the essence of one’s being.

The Church instituted by Jesus has brought forth beautiful structure and awareness to centuries of people over the milleniums…but the Church also persecuted some – be it the Scientists who stated that the earth was round or the Crusade against some.

We see that the Church is not the structure or a building where hangs beautiful works of human hands in gratefulness to the Blessings of talents from the Bounty. The Church is made up of people and we see how coming together of people in a common place to Unite and PRAY together as community, arose after decades after the Resurrection of Jesus and it is an ongoing process around the World. A Good Shepherd makes a lot of difference to the Church at any given time.

Jesus’ Teachings to those ready to follow Him was to take His Word across to every living creature on this Earth. While we have yet to realise that 2000 years down the line, it is because of the misuse of the ‘Gift of Choice’ by many. This unique Gift to Mankind as opposed to other Creation on earth be it the birds or the animals on land or sea, can be used brilliantly if we SEEK not only for our Good – but for the Good of All.

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