The Gift and WISDOM from DGO…

DGO – Copyright Evangelizo 2001-2017

Our daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread

Daily Gospel is a service offered by Evangelizo also wants to make known the spiritual writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and contributes to this end to their translation into new languages, before publishing them on commentary of the Gospel or of the feast of the day. 

“Daily Gospel” is a service provided by our international association Evangelizo. Evangelizo’s mission is to spread the voice of the Gospel in all languages throughout the world via the Internet and to develop the technical means to this end. Evangelizo is a team of more than 70 secular and clerical Roman Catholics, formed of priests, monks and nuns from various communities, congregations or spiritual sensitivities such as Jesuits, Redemptorists, Benedictines, Carmelites, Cistercians, the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem, the Emmanuel Community and Focolari.

The DGO made a difference….to a young Woman in 2001 to where today I am now a GrandMother with a vital need for a better World for our daughters, grandchildren as also the children of the World. It calls for all irrespective of their religion to SEEK and walk by the seemingly difficult – but yet Simple teachings once we are made aware of these Mysteries, by the Church.

Whereas prior to the Internet, we had the Church to teach us, it also depends a lot on the skill and talent of the Shepherd Priests as they steer their Parish ‘Sheep’ towards these ongoing daily battles of Man, Woman and children which we know comprises the whole of Humanity..

Here we have to consider the co-operation and willingness of the community of families whether they are ready to learn to go forth steadily. Christianity was and is always a CHOICE. We all know that no one is sure of the continuity of their lives on earth for we do see how death comes suddenly and it is wisely observed by some that the only certain thing after being born is – death.

From being a young wife, to with a husband frequently away, who worked overseas on a rotation job and and as a Mother raising two young daughters, it was a battle always to know what is Good and Right v/s the call of the culture prevalent all around me. I knew that if I am tempted in the daily choices, so then will be my young daughters…and so I turned towards the Church ….

And since then what followed was the Internet and the DGO in 2001 into my life….To see the connection of what transpired routinely in my life and the power of God to speak to me through the Priest or the Internet as I was seeking, is an ongoing enlightening experience which today compels me to write for lack of that understanding in people around me has caused great Divide and sorrow whereas we all should have been thriving with all the Blessings on the family…

But rather than despair as teaches Jesus, it is better to get up and carry my Cross to learn, share and teach so that others get enlightened by the illumination of this Divine Light of guidance by Jesus so that there is a better tomorrow for our children in this World.

While it is true that we need the Bread of this Earth everyday in order to live and thrive, we do see that this BREAD and WINE offered by Jesus everyday through the DGO inspires me to now not just SERVE my family by the work of my hands but also SERVE the community to share Jesus for it’s impact can indeed SERVE to bring PEACE to not only my family, or community or Nation…..but all the Nations of the World.

So should I just be lured to think that my Voice now as a Grandmother does not matter in this World..No, says Jesus as He teaches and then asks each of us to be His tool to be His Voice for others in our families and the communities we are placed in as we grow.

Man can grow greatly to come out of the darkness induced by ignorance and arrogance to SEEK and learn to live life to work, share and care to bring PEACE – the greatest Gift of Jesus to all. It is an ongoing process and if Jesus left His Holy Spirit to bring that Wisdom to us daily, then we Baptized Christians can use our talent and skills generously to share our knowledge, Wisdom and experience for the greater Good of All.

We wholeheartedly applaud the works and efforts of those in the team, who remain behind the curtain and use their time and Blessings to use the medium of the Internet to bring Jesus into our daily lives. It makes a difference to my life and I choose to share some to make a difference to at least some in the vast expanse of Humanity…

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