evil, evil …work of d-evil


” When The GOOD do not get up to address the evil, then EVIL flourishes….”

We do see that Jesus did not sit in any one structure of a building to PRAY. His Prayers to the Almighty were always followed by going from place to place to Teach and Guide. He was also addressing the Sins that He saw among the people around, to bring awareness that Sins will not be condoned, but that people have to SEEK, then repent for their wrongdoings and AMEND their ways. This applies to every human born in this World.

So when the people around the World are made aware of these BASIC Teachings, we will see PEACE on this Earth. This duty of bringing the BASIC was given to the ones CHOSEN – Yes, the Baptized! But forcible conversion of anyone is not the Way of Jesus or the religion of Christianity. Did He stop Judas going off even after Jesus made him aware that He knew what Judas was up to?

Please do reflect as to:

  • Why Judas could not control his pride or his Sins despite walking with Jesus on this Earth?
  • Why Peter, a humble fisherman and a Sinner, who denied Jesus again and again, could then go onto become the ROCK for the Foundation of this FAITH?

YES, repentance is the answer, followed by Actions borne of obedience!

And right through History we see this pattern. Many find it easy to PRAY or go to the Church or FAST, but then they walk away from JESUS as He calls for ACTIONS in their homes, families, communities – to BUILD and UNITE for PEACE.

And equally we see the work of so many whom we now know as Saints, from their lives and works recorded faithfully by the Church from centuries. They just lived in ACTIONS that which Jesus taught. This comes from humility brought on by awareness of themselves within, to know that one is a Sinner.

Through honest repentance, one can then be REDEEMED by our Lord to go forth to be obedient unto Him, to bring PEACE by sharing that which Jesus teaches in WORDS as well as ACTIONS following this beautiful FAITH granted to each one of us….” For our Good and the Good of All.”

But then comes the caution of the Lord – BEWARE of Hypocrites. And we see this awful bitter truth, when many Baptized Christians themselves become ‘Judas’ to defy Jesus as they come out of the Church and go back to their homes to live among families and communities.

Instead of using their time and effort with this Gift of Life to do GOOD, they go forth like Judas to do good for JUST themselves through sheer COVET. This causes DIVIDE in families and communities which then leads to many DIVIDED Nations, and a DIVIDED and torn World.

Covet, Selfishness and Indifference are the many tools that satan uses to get us off the path that Jesus beckons us to follow in order to help Him. We can help get back as many as possible to be REDEEMED…..for one can see that the extreme Sacrifice of this Man was to help SAVE – not CONDEMN… How can we SAVE by silence when the only repercussion to this would be to CONDONE and CONDEMN as not worthy of being SAVED?

So what should the people, who profess to follow Him, do? Yes, make some Sacrifice to SEEK and know as to how we can be His instruments to help? Yes, bring His Light to illuminate the Minds of those around us as we live in Prayer transforming into ACTIONS within our families and communities to live by and share the Commandments given by God. This becomes vital – to save this World….

When He teaches that we should not have any other false gods before Him…it sure teaches us that this false god is the ‘money or property or women’ among other things we COVET from others, that do NOT BELONG TO US. God expressly FORBIDS this Covet for then this causes DIVIDE and loss of PEACE in families and thereby communities……something which we today see across the Globe…

Jesus also cautions us not to DESPAIR, but to have HOPE…..and so if we do Good to the least of our brothers, we can be happy that we are doing some in ACTIONS to participate in this WORTHY cause which will have impact at least for the Good of some. We are not called to wait for the FRUITS, but help in scattering the SEEDS of His Teachings in ACTIONS….the fruits will come in due time.  He is the One who knows all Humanity and His awesome Creation to know where He has planted every grain of wheat….and who avails of each of these grain…..

While these grains help in nourishing and sustaining lives, the awareness is also that we ought to eat these ‘grains’ of our own work and money…..COVET was and is wrong. But if someone is not Blessed with any and becomes a NEEDY,  it then becomes the moral duty of those with many, to SHARE by tithe in the Church or share in love in the communities that we live in…….Life then becomes WORTHY to HONOR the Maker for the precious Gift of Life….

So even as we pray for PEACE let us also unite to work for Peace in our own families and communities lest we be called a Hypocrite by our Lord Jesus Christ. How can I ask for Peace in other countries, when my own house stands DIVIDED? It is Hypocrisy and has to be addressed…!!!

So I echo and share the guidance of the ArchBishop in Pakistan recently that in order to have Peace one needs – Religious Dialogue Bears Real Fruit for Pakistan’s Christians..” We need this dialogue by communications among family members and community members to have PEACE for our Mother MERCY as also all other Widows and NEEDY in our own countries…before we PREACH to others……

But when the Baptized Christians defy Jesus and STOP this communication in our own families, we know that we are in the midst of something very, very EVIL…… Join us in our prayers to Jesus and His Mother Mary to make His Sacrifice WORTHY for each one of us, to SAVE and REDEEM all before our time is up on this Mother Earth…..

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