Convert or be Converted?



This article shows the truth about what the ArchBishop makes the Christians in Pakistan aware – that if they are born in Pakistan, it is the Will of God. And if they live there amongst the communities made up of other religions, it is not for them to CONVERT them……but to CONVERT themselves as teaches the Lord, to be a fine example to others…..This Conversion is an essential ongoing process for every Christian. And it is a matter of personal Choice.

This also involves in becoming involved in bringing solutions to problems, rather than just sitting in the ACT of praying, for Prayer is Action to bring GOOD for All God’s Creations, be it the people, flora, fauna on the land and seas..

So if some are out to bring DIVIDE in the nation for vested interests for their own Good, as opposed for the Good of the Nation, then it causes harm to all and we can see this deep Truth of how Pakistan is being exploited and used ….. Leading a young girl Malala – a ‘RIGHTEOUS’ as Jesus teaches – who was recently granted an Honorary Canadian Citizenship even as scores and millions of people are seeking asylum to get into these countries in the West…Why was she deemed worthy to be conferred this Honor?

She was shot a few years because she got up by her courage at a very tender age to use her VOICE against these exploiters…..God saved her and uses her. And today she is a fine young woman who uses her life and VOICE to speak for the ordinary people of Pakistan to help them grow. Her observation is that her God made country gets a bad name because some amongst them – use the country and it’s resources to bring a bad name for the country…. and this at the cost of many innocent lives..!!

And so even as Malala realised very early in her life of the evils around her, it is also because she had a Father who was religious and pious enough to teach in schools to educate young girls, something which was not appreciated by many around. For education brings awareness if one uses it to broaden one’s Mind, be it a boy or a girl….then subjugation becomes a lesser evil. It sows the seeds of Revolution.

Why did many call Jesus a ‘Revolutionary’ ? He revolutionized the Souls, Minds and Hearts of many who were seeking the Divine Truth for one and all.

And when a Mind is illuminated by TRUTH then the trappings of a culture at any given time is broken and one sees the LIGHT…the Light that there is a DIVINITY out there who made us all and He wants all to be Good which will bring real PEACE in this World…….This calls for the conversion of our Hearts and Minds daily to renew to know that just as we have a life and many Needs to be obtained by hard work, so do others around us in a community. All Humanity have Rights as well as Duties…!

And this immense undeniable TRUTH was made available to the World through Jesus….YES, but this truth is too harsh and bitter for those who do not want this Light – as it exposes the evil within ourselves, which likes Selfishness, Indifference ..COVET. We may be from any country, or any region or Man or a Woman….and so as was killed Jesus then for bringing Truth, so has scores since then, who share this …! Did that stop the Mission of Jesus? Can anyone STOP God from knowing His Will for one and all?

But for those who like what the Light reveals, they choose to SEEK to know more to obey and follow Jesus. So when the ArchBishop teaches people to initiate dialogues and communications with people of other religions, we see it makes sound sense as all are Creations of God. Together then we can fight this EVIL which some try to impose on others in any country….

Jesus has direct impact on all aspects of our daily lives and so we see it has impact on the families, communities and Nations. If we fail to seek from Him, we are lured and then we see how the Nations are on the brink of another horror – A Nuclear War. What will be its impact on innocent children and the Needy or Poor everywhere.?

Those who can organise bunkers or face masks and gears for their families’ safety and protection will do so ….but then think of the vast majority who cannot have access to these and will then face the drastic consequences of the Choice of those who are elected to positions to govern for the Good of All…. Think of those babies who have been born and have to fight to gasp air only to choke through chemicals or the aftermath of any War.

Can we now ponder as to why PEACE is the Greatest Gift Jesus grants …it sure cannot be bought with all the money and riches in this world..!! Can we then instead sacrifice some time to SEEK to help ourselves and others be enlightened by the WORD of God brought to us Humanity by this Man – Jesus. We bow down in humility to follow on His narrow Path.

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