Good SamaritanThen Jesus said to them, “Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath rather than to do evil, to save life rather than to destroy it?” But they remained silent.

What do siblings in a Christian family do when one among them cries out in distress? While this is not just a question pertaining to only a Christian or any Religion in particular, Family is the Universal truth. Humanity is the TRUTH. Jesus, says ” I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE..”

The fact remains that when there is Love in one’s heart, the outpouring of it is in the form of Service. So we do understand when we are taught that God loves us and so He created this Earth and the Universe and an undeniable fact, that we Humans are here from centuries with everything for survival already provided. Divine Providence !

So Blessed with eyes to see, ears to hear and even as we know from the Bible and other historical records, of the DIVIDE brought about in the name of gender, religion, skin color, borders it is most displeasing to the Creator just as so, for any parents to see and feel the pangs and angst when they see Divide among their children.

When the children are young, wise parents obeying the Church teach them of the importance of learning to RESOLVE by communicating – to forgive and forget. But here the emphasis on forgiveness first, is imperative as is the need for then Amending actions to try to build than incite to divide.

While it is not easy to understand all these when we are young, we see the Divine Wisdom in guiding Humanity through the social structure of having a Family and a community where all the families can come together to be guided  to live amicably through adherence to common rules. In Christianity this is instituted by the Church which came about through the Sacrifice of Jesus who taught very important social TRUTH when we live among families within communities. This truth cannot be subjugated or subverted by the adherence to some token Rituals in the name of Religion.

So the Church under the Priest who stands for Jesus, daily guides his community as does a Shepherd elsewhere, who takes great care of his flock of sheep. So even if one wanders away, it is a loving Shepherd who will then take pains to help and bring back this lost sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

The parents gather together with their children under these Priests in the Church to receive the Words for guidance in our daily lives. They are entrusted the duty of guiding their young ones – daily. So the importance of some basic values such as kindness, honesty, hard work truthfulness, etc. are all the derivatives we get from the Bible in the course of our daily lives to help one another GROW as well as be there as a Good Samaritan to help if there is a Needy in the family or in the community.

So we see Jesus bringing out the Hypocrisy of a group of people who think it is more important to observe the Law of Sabbath in certain observed Rituals than give a helping hand to save someone who is in Need of genuine help. We see this Hypocrisy across cultures in many countries where human beings become secondary to the Religious rites, customs and traditions that have evolved over period of centuries.

So when I saw this strong set of values practiced at home from my childhood in the daily actions of my parents, it was only later that I realised it came from the Church. I was also shocked and concerned when I saw lack of these Virtues in the homes of families around whom we knew as our Community in the Church. Sadly many seemed to not know the connection between the Church Teachings and its direct relevance to every situation in our daily lives. I was forced to SEEK as to why my father knew – Yes, I saw him seek from the Bible even as he could not always go for Sunday Mass when he was on tour to places where there was no access to any Church.

Did this affect me? I saw the emergence of an unholy deep Divide in my own family has resulted in drastic consequences to some, when other families joined in. Instead of becoming bigger and stronger with all the Blessings granted by God in terms of education, opportunities, talent, earnings, we have been brutally divided with no obedience to the call of the Church – to talk and resolve….. We could never come together to even agree to disagree! And one among us 4 siblings is dead and as the eldest of the siblings I was again forced to SEEK, for its effect on our Mother and her family is drastic.

To be selfish and indifferent to let things slide and pretend that all is well, is an option but we are taught it amounts to Hypocrisy for I do hear the cries of this Woman whom God deemed and ordained to be our Mother. So how do we then go for Worship and not be there for this Widow and her sorrow?

Why shouldn’t the siblings of this Widow meet and talk to resolve as teaches the Church and also many of the Community belonging to other Faith? The need to bring Healing in family affairs as so any community or regions or Nations today, is a vital Teaching that cannot be ignored for Jesus did not ignore the problems or the ignorance He saw all around.

He chose to pray and then get up to walk and teach in the communities wherever He went and He then chose people ready to follow Him to do the same. The people chosen are the Christians who are baptized into this Faith to bring Good for all. His Teachings were and are guaranteed to bring PEACE to every family and thereby the communities of the World. But it does come at great cost for the inevitable resistance to this Great teachings for the ‘Good of All ‘is not acceptable to many and we see then so many Martyred for the same. Did that stop the message of Christ till this day..?

When many among these baptized themselves do not SEEK or know Jesus, then it causes great problems. But rather than despair, take courage is the Divine Wisdom of Jesus and so He gently asks to get up in our Daily Faith and help be His laborers – to learn, share and teach in Words/Actions and bring many lost sheep back to the family of the Church…..and it always starts from one’s own family, for charity indeed begins at home.

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