An Obedient Woman

David Lloyd-George once said, “The true test of a civilization is the way it treats its old people.”

May 1, 2017

May – the Month of Our Lady, an obedient Woman

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Granny Mercy, a Widow needs help as realizes her Granddaughter, now that she is old enough to think, feel and discern as teaches her Church. So she today sees this plight of her Granny, who helped raise her when she was a baby. It is what is done in every Christian family, where we are taught to be there for each other in families and communities. This Granny, a WIDOW, today lacks a VOICE to address the concerns and DIVIDE in her family of 4 children leading her to be forced to lead a life of loneliness, where she lived through the death of her elder Son and the deep DIVIDE among her 3 surviving children and families.

While Widows were and are considered the LEAST in many a society and culture, Jesus gave His Voice to address the concerns of many , including that of a Widow, who is forced by culture to be abandoned away from families. This fact we can see as History is recorded over countless centuries. So be it in India, or other cultures, where Christianity had not reached, ABUSE of Widows is rampant.

In our age and era, we can avail of such detailed Teachings of Christ through our Churches spread far and wide. This was the Mission taught by Jesus for Humanity through every Christian. We then fail ourselves and Our Lord when we fail to SEEK and learn how we ought to live in the midst of families, in whichever communities we are placed, in our pursuit of the growth of our children.

I have now decided to help and support to strengthen the Voice of my child. As she fights for the DIGNITY of her Grandmother Mercy, I can sacrifice some time to Share by this beautiful medium of the Internet which helps Humanity communicate to stay connected – even as ironically I cannot or am not allowed by the decisions of others to:

  • Be able to communicate and RESOLVE this matter of our family
  • Forgive and RECONCILE as teaches our Church
  • BUILD the BODY of Christ, the Church on Mother Earth.

If we, the children of Mother Mercy could talk and resolve, then obviously we need not have to have recourse to the Medium of the Internet to create awareness and safety for this Old Woman or be connected to share the many joys and sorrows of Life. Living far away and with memory failing frequently, how will she even have the Wisdom or strength to know about the affairs of her own home, her children, her health or well being, leave alone fight for her RIGHTS today to be heard by her own children and grandchildren.

So many crucial decisions pertaining to daily life are currently being taken over by just a helper, a Maid, who can neither decide which doctor, hospital or dosage of medications are to be administered timely. We, among others in the neighbourhood see the ludicrous sight of this Mother being torn apart by her own educated children and their families, because she hears different stories from each of her children abroad…when they choose to communicate or NOT..!

” The church should wisely care for the widows in her midst.” The family is called the DOMESTIC CHURCH – so who should care for this Widow? The HOLY FAMILY shows as to how Parents should come together as Man and Woman to help each other and raise their children, who then grow up enabled to carry on life and also now take active care of these parents who turn old and feeble, needing HELP to survive..!

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